Mega Man X3
Mega Man X3
Mega Man symbol
North American cover art.
Developer(s) Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher(s) SNES
JP / NA: Capcom
PAL: Laguna Video Games
PS1 / Saturn
PAL: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
JP / NA: Capcom
PAL: Virgin Interactive
Series Mega Man
Producer(s) Tokuro Fujiwara
Artist(s) Keiji Inafune
Hayato Kaji
Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Kazushi Ito
Shinsuke Komaki
Composer(s) Kinuyo Yamashita
Release date December 1, 1995
JPDecember 1, 1995
NAJanuary 1996
EUMay 15, 1996
PlayStation / SEGA Saturn
JPApril 26, 1996
EUMarch 12, 1997
JPMarch 28, 1997
NAOctober 5, 1998
Mobile phones
JPJuly 1, 2010
Genre(s) Action, platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platform(s) SNES, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, Windows, Mobile phones

Mega Man X3, known as Rockman X3 (ロックマンX3) in Japan, is a video game released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was originally released in Japan on December 1, 1995 and later in North American and PAL regions in 1996. It is the third game in the Mega Man X series and the last to appear on the SNES. Mega Man X3 takes place in a fictional future in which the world is populated by humans and intelligent robots called "Reploids". Like their human creators, some Reploids involve themselves in destructive crime and are labelled as "Mavericks". After twice defeating the Maverick leader Sigma, the heroes Mega Man X and Zero must battle a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler and his utopia of Maverick followers.

In the Super Smash Flash series

In Super Smash Flash, Zero's sprites are ripped from this game.

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