Mega Man 4
Mega Man 4
Mega Man symbol
Japanese box art.
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) JP / NA Capcom
EU Nintendo
Series Mega Man
Director(s) Yoshinori Takenaka
Producer(s) Tokuro Fujiwara
Designer(s) Yoshinori Takenaka
S. Kobashi
Keiji Inafune
Programmer(s) Tadashi Kuwana
Artist(s) Keiji Inafune
Hayato Kaji
Kazunori Tazaki
Toshifumi Onishi
Akemi Iwasaki
Composer(s) Minae Fujii
Release date NES / Famicom
JPDecember 6, 1991
NAJanuary 1992
EUJanuary 21, 1993
JPOctober 28, 1999
Mobile phone
JPSeptember 1, 2005
Microsoft Windows
NAAugust 24, 2015
Genre(s) Action, platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platform(s) NES / Famicom, PlayStation, Mobile phones, Microsoft Windows

Mega Man 4 known in Japan as Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabō!! (ロックマン4 新たなる野望!!}}), is an action-platform game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the fourth game in the original Mega Man series and was originally released in Japan in 1991. The game was localized in North America the following January, and in Europe in 1993.

The game's story takes place after the third defeat and supposed death of Dr. Wily, and features the Earth coming under threat from a mysterious scientist named Dr. Cossack and his eight "Robot Masters". Fearing the worst, Dr. Light sends Mega Man to save the world once again.

Mega Man 4 carries on the same action and platforming gameplay as the first three games, in which the player completes a series of stages in any order and adds the weapon of each stage's boss to Mega Man's arsenal. One notable added feature is the "New Mega Buster" (often shortened to "Mega Buster"), an upgraded arm cannon that lets the player charge a regular shot into a much more powerful blast. The development team was mindful that this innovation would change the overall feel of the game.

In the Super Smash Flash series


In Super Smash Flash 2, Mega Man has the ability to charge his standard special move, Mega Buster, which fires larger and more powerful shots the longer it is charge. This feature originates from this game.

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