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Mega Man
in Super Smash Flash 2
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Mega Man's official artwork.
Universe Mega Man
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Availability Starter
Final Smash Mega Legends
Tier B- (28)

Mega Man is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. Mega Man's moveset consists a variety of weapons and adapters from many of his classic games. His sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with him receiving some attacks of his moveset from said game but also including some moves not present in the two latter.

Mega Man is currently ranked 28th out of 40 on the tier list, placing him the B- tier, a huge drop from his 4th-place position in the A+ tier on the previous tier list. Mega Man's biggest strength is his strong array of projectiles, giving him a decent approach options and allows him to gain some stage control. Mega Man has good combo ability, a good projectile game, good range in the majority of his attacks and KO moves in his down smash, up aerial, back aerial, up tilt, and a fully charged Mega Buster when near a blast line. His Crash Bomber can also pressure shields quickly and effectively.

However, Mega Man is susceptible to combos and chain grabs, due to his above average weight and his status as a high faller. His recovery is predictable and can put Mega Man in a bad situation if the opponent knows how it works. The majority of his projectiles are predictable and can be bypassed or reflected by those who read his movements correctly.

Mega Man appears to have a small player base and has poor representation in online tournaments. The few Mega Man players do not actively participate in tournaments. The few that do normally do not take high placements in tournaments.


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Mega Man is a projectile centered character with great zoning capabilities. He has a great projectile game with having various projectiles in his special moves. He also has some disjointed range in some of his attacks while can help him space out his enemies. He has reliable finishers in his forward smash, down smash(the strongest down smash in the current demo), back air, initial part of up air, up tilt, fully charged Mega Buster, Crash Bomber and back throw.

He has a spammable projectile in his uncharged Mega Buster which he can use to projectile camp and to rack up damage. He can use Water Wave to gimp his opponents recovery (albeit very poorly) or to gain some stage control. He. Super Arm has good priority in the move (due to the recent update that allowed grabs to out prioritize attacks). He can also use Crash Bomber to KO his opponents after a combo.

Mega Man has a decent grab and throw game, possessing the sixteen longest grab in the current demo. He can use up throw to start combos, but he has to read the opponent's D.I. correctly. Forward throw can be used to set up early edge guards. Back throw can be reliable finisher at high percents when near the ledge. Down throw does not provide much follow ups unless the opponent rolls toward the player.

However, Mega Man's above average weight and being a high faller makes him susceptible to combos and chain grabs. Some of his best KO moves are projectiles which can put him in a bad position if the opponent has a reflector.

His recovery is very exploitable if the opponent knows how it works and can trick the player into canceling the move before they can get back to the stage. However plasma shots make his opponents flinch which greatly increases his approach game and makes his recovery much less risky since he can now protect himself.


Ground attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard attack Quick Boomerang Shoots small white boomerangs out of his arm cannon. Very high priority. 1%
Down tilt Slide Slides extending his foot forward. 8%
Down smash Flame Blast Fires two flame columns on both sides of him. 19%
Forward tilt Flame Sword Swings a blade of fire in front of him. High knockback. 14%
Forward smash Hard Knuckle Charges and fires a fist projectile that deals decent knockback. However, due to it being a projectile it can be reflected and absorbed. 18%
Up tilt Mega Upper Jumps off of the ground and punches upwards. Very strong for a tilt attack, and depending on when Mega Man connects the punch, it may deal more damage and knockback, though the move will suffer high endlag if missed. 17%
Up smash Spark Shock Two electrodes appear in Mega Man's arm cannons and come together to give off damaging sparks, hitting anyone near him. It deals the same damage whether it is fully-charged or not, an oddity for a smash attack. 2%
Dash attack Top Spin Boosts forwards while spinning, damaging whatever he touches. Good priority. 1%


Aerial attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral aerial Jewel Satellite Summons four diamonds that spin vertically around him, then disappear after some time. 4%
Forward aerial Drill Bomb Uses a drill from his cannon arm to attack the opponent. 3%
Back aerial Atomic Fire Turns back, then fires off a flaming discharge behind himself from his arm cannon, propelling himself slightly backwards. Does high knockback. 15%
Up aerial Air Shooter Fires a small and weak whirlwind from his arm cannon. This attack has a wind box that pushes the opponent upward. 1-5%
Down aerial Noise Crush Fires a sound wave straight downwards. Hits three times and can meteor smash. Mega Man can also connect an early hit prior firing with his arm cannon. 10%

Grab and throws

Attack Name Description Damage
Grab Super Arm Effortlessly picks up an opponent with one hand. N/A
Pummel Using his strength, crushes the held opponent with his hand. 2%
Forward throw Throws the opponent forwards. 8%
Back throw Throws the opponent backwards. 11%
Up throw Throws the opponent upwards. 7%
Down throw Slams opponent on the ground. 8%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Kicks on both sides. 8%
Ledge attack Climbs up, then swings his foot in front of him. 8%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Mega Buster Fires uncharged Mega Busters from his arm cannon. Holding the special move key charges the Mega Buster for a more powerful shot. The player also can move and jump while charging, and they can hold the move at full charge for a few seconds before releasing it. 1-3%
Side special move Crash Bomber Shoots a grappling bomb that sticks to walls and opponents exploding after a few seconds pass. The player can also detonate the bomb by pressing the special button again. 10%
Up special move Beat Call Pulls Beat, a robotic bird, out of his pocket, giving him about three seconds worth of flight. This move can also be used in conjunction with uncharged Mega Busters only, which weaken as they travel. It has super armor. 1%
Down special move Water Wave Mega Man launches a small projectile that creates nine waves of water on contact with the ground. It is a small, weak projectile when used in the air. A blue blink of light will shine on Mega Man to indicate if he can shoot again. 1-10%
Final Smash Mega Legends Fires a Black Hole Bomb, which traps opponents hit by it. Anyone pulled in faces several generations of Mega Man, who all fire their Busters in unison. 39%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Teleports into the stage.
Taunts Standard Transforms his hand into a cannon, opening the vents, and makes a pose.
Side Turns away from the camera, transforms his hand into a cannon and makes a pose.
Down/Up Places his fist in the ground, teleports out of the stage and immediately comes back.
Idling Looks around.
Victory theme A short remix of the title theme from Mega Man 2.
Victory pose Teleports in, making the Japanese box art Mega Man pose when landing.

Changes from v0.9b

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  • Neutral Mega Man has been updated from his old Mega Man 7 sprites to a new, custom sprite based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


  • Buff Run speed increased (8.8 → 9).
  • Buff Air acceleration briefly increased (0.7 → 1.6).
  • Nerf Maximum air speed decreased (9.45 → 8).
  • Nerf His roll speed was decreased, like everyone else's.

Ground attacks

  • Buff His old standard attack been replaced with Quick Boomerang, which is a multiple-hit and range attack, much stronger than the old one.
  • Nerf Slide was changed from dash attack to down tilt and has less range.
    • Nerf Top Spin, his new dash attack, is much slower and has more end lag.
  • Buff Up tilt has more range.
  • Buff Up smash is now Spark Shock, which is much stronger and can KO earlier.
  • Nerf His down smash is now Flame Blast, which is much harder to hit due to lag and range.
    • Buff However, his new down smash is stronger than his previous one.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff His up aerial is now Air Shooter, which can properly juggle opponents.
  • Buff He has a new neutral aerial, Jewel Satellite, which has more range than Top Spin.

Grab and throws

  • Neutral All his throws were replaced with throws from the official games.

Special moves

  • Nerf Weapon Use and Weapon Change have been removed, leaving only the Mega Buster as his standard special move.
    • Neutral He has a new down special move called Water Wave.
  • Neutral Crash Bomber was moved to his side special move.

In competitive play

Match ups

Notable players

Tier placement history

In tier lists for demo v0.6; Mega Man was ranked 7th of D tier on the first list and ranked 6th of B tier on the second list. On tier lists for demo v0.7; Mega Man was seen as a top-high tier character where he ranked 4th of A tier on the first list and 6th of B tier on the second list. In demo v0.8b; Mega Man was seen as a low tier character ranking 17th of D tier. Mega Man would return to being seen as top tier character in demo v0.9a where he ranks 7th. However, in demo v0.9b would see Mega Man ranking 27th in C tier, returning him to a being low tier character. Due to the changes in the metagame would see Mega Man rising to 18th place of B tier on the second tier list of v0.9b, where he is seen as a mid tier character.



SSF2 Mega Man Costumes.png



Early designs




  • Originally, X, which was first playable in Super Smash Flash, was meant to return instead of the actual original blue bomber. He would have used his "Model X" design from the Mega Man ZX series.
  • After the "Model X" Mega Man X got replaced with the classic Mega Man, his old appearance consisted of sprites directly taken from Mega Man 7.
  • Mega Man and Sora, in v0.7, were the two characters who could switch their standard special move. However, in v0.8a, Sora's down special move became Thunder, while Mega Man's Weapon Change remained until Beta, where it was replaced by Water Wave.
  • Mega Man, along with Falco, Marth, Meta Knight, Isaac, Sonic, and Black Mage are the only characters so far who wear their default costumes in team battle when they are on the blue team.
  • Mega Man along with Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Tails, Luffy, Mr. Game & Watch, and Zero Suit Samus are the only characters so far who do not go into a helpless state under normal circumstances.
  • Mega Man and Black Mage have normal attacks that act as projectiles. In Mega Man's case his standard attack, forward smash and up aerial.
  • Mega Man, Sandbag, Chibi-Robo, Black Mage, PAC-MAN, and Bomberman are currently the only true "silent characters" in the game, as Mega Man does not say anything. Rather, he makes a bunch of noises from the Mega Man games.
    • Prior to Beta, Mega Man actually had several voice clips, including a grunt when jumping, saying "Let's do it!" (taken from Mega Man 8) upon using his Final Smash and saying "Alright!" (taken from Mega Man Powered Up) in his victory pose.
  • Although Mega Man was originally considered a newcomer in SSF2, as he was included in the game before his confirmation in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, which retconned him as a veteran following the release of the two later.
  • Mega Man's pose in his current artwork is taken from the Japanese title screen from the original Mega Man game. Conversely, the pose is taken from one of his victory poses in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
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