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List of players page

The following is a list of notable, real-life players of the Super Smash Flash series that managed to make themselves known among the community for various reasons, such as having high tournament results, pushing the metagame of a game or a specific character, making videos about or promoting the games, or being active through social media.

List of competitively notable players


Player Join date Location C M S R Notes
DescendedSun February 4, 2014 Great Britain, UK N/A SSF2 Fox headSSF2 Marth head N/A 16th N/A
Drarky October 20, 2011 Chile N/A SSF2 Black Mage headSSF2 Chibi-Robo head N/A 35th N/A
Gax Unknown Jackson, USA N/A SSF2 Fox head N/A 1st Widely considered to be the best SSF2 player.
Known for being able to deal massive damage out of one hit.
Incinerate Summer 2014 Ontario, Canada N/A SSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Link head Unknown 10th N/A


Player Join date Location C M S R Notes
blossom January 28, 2013 Unknown N/A SSF2 Pikachu head SSF2 Donkey Kong head 21st
Considered to be one of the best Pikachu players.
Chaos0 Unknown Ontario, Canada NSB SSF2 Tails headSSF2 Luigi head SSF2 Black Mage headSSF2 Falco head 13th Was considered the best (and most technical) Tails player.
Nicknamed Luigi "Lugia".
Chaunch January 17, 2015 Tennessee, USA N/A SSF2 Jigglypuff head SSF2 Samus head 4th
Was known for his top-level Jigglypuff play and his general inconsistency in his tournament placings.
Corvid Unknown Melbourne, Australia SSF2 Black Mage head SSF2 Samus headSSF2 Lloyd head 14th Was known for being the best player in Australia.
Ex-member of the Smash Flash Back Room.
Dark Ermac June 15, 2007 USA 7M SSF2 Samus head SSF2 Meta Knight head 16th Creator of Flash Collective Rankings.
Made tier lists for Super Smash Flash.
FrenchKissHey February 2015 Morocco tripleWRECK SSF2 Sheik head SSF2 Zelda headSSF2 Mario head 16th N/A
Godreaper November 23, 2014 USA's Midwest TSF SSF2 Samus head N/A Unknown N/A
Hanaj Early 2016 Cambridge, USA TSF SSF2 Fox head Unknown 5th Has a wide range of playable characters.
smash18 August 17, 2008 Georgia, USA N/A SSF2 Pikachu head SSF2 Donkey Kong head 21st
Streams on Twitch and does 'Let's Plays' on YouTube.

List of players made notable via media


Player Join date Location M S Notes
Bedoop! Unknown Unknown N/A N/A An administrator in the McLeodGaming Discord server.
Made a character called Bedoop, who is part of Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!'s canon.



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