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The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best the McLeodGaming Wiki has to offer. These articles are reviewed at featured article candidates for accuracy, completeness, and style its nomination process was created in order to highlight quality articles representative of the McLeodGaming Wiki. You should nominate articles based on their content, not because you like the subject. After an article is featured, this MG-esque golden star is added in the top right corner and it is shown in the main page.

How to nominate an article

To nominate an article be featured, please do the following:

  • Write the article you want to nominate in the box below
  • Add the {{FA nomination}} tag at the top of the article.
  • Give your reasons in the section below and support or oppose the article, be sure to leave your signature with ~~~~.
  • Neutral votes are also permissible, but in the end you will have to choose to whether support or oppose the article or else your vote will be invalidated.

List of nominated articles

Add the nominated article here by adding a heading 3 and specify your reasons why you want to make it featured article.

Super Smash Flash 2 Demo

  1. Support: It is a very descriptive page, with a template giving many external links (a rare thing in this wiki) and documenting everything that could possibly be documented. I see myself coming back to that page regularly in order to check the release date of a demo in specific. GregoryFile:SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head.pngFile:SSF2 Luffy head.pngNaruto
  2. Support: This is one of our most popular pages and indeed has reached its improvement peak. So, per whay Gregory Naruto said, here's my support vote. --Haz clic aquí para ver mis contribuciones en la wiki. BYLL EL WYLL Haz clic aquí para ver cuantas ediciones he hecho. 22:20, July 20, 2019 (UTC)


  1. Support: The page is absurdly detailed, with an incredible amount of pictures in the gallery section. It covers three attacks at the same time while having multiple paragraphs and interwiki links for all three moves, and all of this without being a repetitive or boring read at all. To add to the detail argument, the Rasengan page seems to be one of the longest special move pages in the website, only losing to pages like Inhale and Bankai Ichigo, who have a long wikitable that has tons of bytes only due to how wikitables work. GregoryFile:SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head.pngFile:SSF2 Luffy head.pngNaruto 04:38, 22 November 2020 (UTC)

Comments/Remotion of opposing votes

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