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Logo Forums

Logo of the McLeodGaming Forums.

The McLeodGaming Forums is an internet discussion forum hosted by phpBB boards, where users can register and may post comments on any open dedicated thread. The forums were opened by Gregory McLeod in 2005, as the McLeodGaming website grew bigger.

One of the forum's main functions is for the development, news and trivia about Super Smash Flash 2, which is described by Deep Though 42 (an innactive forum admin) as "the reason many people came there".[1]


The most notable forum among the MG Forums is the Super Smash Flash 2 section, an open forum for users to comment about the relatives about the game, including topics for the discussion about characters, stages, competitive play, demo speculation, online play, the Smash Flash Back Room, etc..

It also includes other open forums such as Flash Animation, Art, Music, Literature, Console Gaming, and the infamous The Lounge.  Some, however, are exclusive for some special users, such as the VIP Crew, and the SSF2 Dev Section There was a forum to discuss about the Super Smash Bros. games but was removed after it had problems with moderation and unnecessary topics from part of the users.[2]

SSF2 Developers

MG icon Main article: Super Smash Flash 2 Developer

The SSF2 Developers is a special rank that denotes user with the most contributions in the development for Super Smash Flash 2, additionally having access to a private forum and the sprites archives.

Early Forum

Phpbb2 logo

The original forum's logo depicting some of the playable characters (some with their early designs or removed) in the SSF2 roster. From left to right: Lloyd, Link, Model X, Sonic, Kirby, Pikachu, Mario, Goku, Donkey Kong, Sora, Ichigo, and Azrael.

The forums were conceived almost at the same time the site was opened, they were alternative called the McLeodGaming Archives. Compared to the current one, this forum was more limited in terms of content and characteristics. However, there were some things that did not return when the forum was updated, for example, a treat no longer see in the current forum is a system of points crowned as "Gold".

Some problems with users eventually led to their dissatisfaction. These problems needed to be under control so Cleod9 decided to upgrade the forums by creating the current ones and closing the old ones in mid 2008. It was possible to visit the old forums before 2014, afterwards the domain became inaccessible. Creating an account, logging in, making posts, and other features had been disabled there.



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