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McLeodGamingOfficial, also known simply as McLeodGaming, is the name of the official YouTube account of McLeodGaming. Created on July 1, 2008, it is used to post video content such as previews and gameplay videos pertaining to McLeodGaming media, mainly Super Smash Flash 2.

Super Smash Flash 2 Mini-Trailers

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The channel was initially host to the SSF2 Mini-Trailers, which were small videoclips presenting dramatization of a singular character in the SSF2's roster. They were simple flash animations designed to look like gameplay footage and, as such, were infamous for showing characters and stages that were not in the game. The trailers for Goku, Sora, and Mega Man are still available, but a fourth trailer for Snake has been removed, but still, found here as an unlisted.



  • Although this is the primary YouTube channel used to upload content related to McLeodGaming media, many official videos have been uploaded to other channels instead. For instance, former SSF2 developer Max Void Silverman's YouTube channel, Void, was used to showcase videos for Dev Blogs leading up to the release of demo v0.8.

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