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Max Silverman
Jimmy ramsey max.png
Max Silverman (right) alongside James Hadden (left) and Ramsey Kaid (center).
Full name Max Silverman
Alias Void, Faceless Void, confusedpork
Join date 2007
Gender Male
Rank Fraymakers developer, Super Smash Flash 2 developer (formerly)
Location USA

Max Silverman, also known by his aliases Faceless Void (or more simply Void) and confusedpork, is a designer that commonly works with McLeodGaming. He is a member of Team Fray and former Super Smash Flash 2 developer.


Max Silverman joined the McLeodGaming community through the McLeodGaming Forums in 2007. Over time, he would become more and more prominent on the website, and he would eventually open the Smash Flash Back Room as a subforum to generate official tier lists and tournament rulesets for Super Smash Flash 2. He would later become a site moderator for the McLeodGaming Forums, which he would remain until its closure.

Silverman is also a moderator for McLeodGaming's official Discord server and subreddit, as well as the unofficial Super Smash Flash subreddit.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

Prior to becoming an official developer for Super Smash Flash 2, Max Silverman was a character balancer for the game starting with v0.7 of the demo, though he notes that v0.8 was the first demo where proper balancing was done. He also used his personal YouTube channel as a companion to McLeodGaming's official channel to upload videos used in the v0.8 Dev Blogs, as well as other content such as music tracks. His work with balancing would eventually lead him to become a developer, specifically the lead balancer, as well as a character programmer.

Outside of these roles, Silverman helped to design several stages for the game. He also composed the music track Boss Battle (Super Princess Peach) alongside Ema Alvarado, as well as the opening movie for v0.9 of the demo. Most notably, Silverman was a lead figure in public relations for the game. In 2014 and 2015, he hosted the first and second McLeodGaming Directs for the game, in which he revealed various new features to be included in v0.9b and Beta, respectively,

Sometime before the release of Beta, Silverman left the development team due to wanting to focus on other things instead. Despite this, he remains closely affiliated with the development team.

Work with Fraymakers

Following his departure from SSF2 Team, Max Silverman became part of Team Fray, the core team developing Fraymakers. He is the lead game and character designer, as well as the "outreach" responsible for contacting other independent developers for involvement with the game. He also works with sound effects and video editing.

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