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This article is about Master Hand's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For his appearance in Super Smash Flash, see Master Hand (Super Smash Flash). For general information about the character, see Master Hand.
Master Hand
SSF2 Master Hand.png
Super Smash Bros. symbol.svg
Master Hand in Super Smash Flash 2.
Stock icon SSF2 Master Hand stock icon.png
Health points 150
Stage(s) it appears Final Destination

Master Hand is the final boss of Classic mode in Super Smash Flash 2. He currently is one of the two bosses in the game, the other being Mother Brain.



Mario facing Master Hand at the end of Classic mode.

As with the tradition, Master Hand is faced at the final level (level 10) of Classic mode, where the battle takes place in Final Destination (with the musical theme vs. Master Hand playing rather than the common track). To complete the level (and to clear Classic mode) the player must defeat Master Hand, who will spawn above the right ledge of the map. Master Hand's health points depend on the difficulty.


Master Hand also appears in the final event #51, ?????. In this event, the player has to face two Master Hands, each one with 500 HP. Fireworks will sporadically be appearing for the remainder of the match, the player may grab one and throw it at the Master Hands to deal more damage on them, though the Hands may also activate them instead by hitting them, putting the player on the risk of getting caught in the explosions as well. The usual vs. Master Hand theme from Classic mode will not play this time around for the event, instead, the Menu 1 theme will be playing.


Attack Description Damage
Slap Master Hand prepares for a slap, then slaps his hand across the stage, dealing horizontal knockback. 24%
Drill Master Hand flies up, then slams down in a drill-like fashion. This attack pulls anyone next to Master Hand into the drill. 33%
Gun Master Hand flies above the void, makes the shape of a gun, and fires sets of two bullets. He fires one set if above 100 HP, and three sets if below. 16%
Poke Master Hand follows the player, then pokes the air three times. The first two pokes deal exactly the same damage while the third final poke is more powerful and inflicts flame damage. 8%
Wind Master Hand waves his hand like a hand fan and creates strong wind to push the player off the stage. N/A
Walk Master Hand "walks" across the stage using his index and middle fingers. If the player is in front of him, he "kicks" the player, inflicting flame damage. Cannot be shielded. 13%
Target Punch Master Hand hovers over the player, then quickly punches down. If he misses, he will punch the ground, briefly shaking his hand off. This gives the player a chance to attack. 17%
Sweep Master Hand makes several sweeping motions across the stage. 11%
Crush Master Hand hovers over the player, then attempts to flatten him. If the player is hit by the attack on the ground, they will be buried. The player will be meteor smashed when hit mid-air. 24%
Grab Master Hand tries to grab the player. If it connects, Master Hand will crush the player for a random amount of time, then he will throw them. 3%
Lasers Master Hand shoots a laser beam from each of his fingertips, which move across the stage. 4%
Punch Master Hand flies above the void with his fist closed, then punches across the stage in an attempt to hit the player. 23%




Master Hand's "original" stock icon depicted the wrong hand.
  • Prior to Beta 1.2, Master Hand's stock icon in SSF2 was in reality a sprited version of Crazy Hand's stock icon from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Due to this, it wrongfully depicted a left hand even though Master Hand is a right hand.
  • Unlike the Super Smash Bros. games, every part of Master Hand's laser attack deals damage, instead of only the start and the end of the lasers.
    • Also, if Master Hand gets defeated when he is doing this attack, the energy orbs that are created from his fingertips will still be visible.
  • Despite the common tradition of the English announcer and Master Hand being voiced by the same voice actor in the Super Smash Bros. games, Super Smash Flash 2's announcer, Joshua Tomar, does not provide voice samples for Master Hand. Instead, the game recycles Xander Mobus's voice samples from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.