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This article is about Master Hand's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For his appearance in Super Smash Flash 2, see Master Hand (Super Smash Flash 2). For general information about the character, see Master Hand.
Master Hand
SSF Master Hand.png
Master Hand in Super Smash Flash.
Stock icon SSF Master Hand stock icon.png
Health points 180
Stage(s) it appears Final Destination

Master Hand is the final boss of Classic and Adventure in Super Smash Flash. His sprites are ripped straight from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, though it features some custom modifications to give him other attacks.


As stated above, Master Hand is the final boss for both Classic and Adventure mode. The player faces him in Final Destination, who will spawn above the right ledge of the stage. To defeat Master Hand, the player has to deplete his health points, which change depending on the difficulty. In Classic mode, Master Hand is battled alone and once he is defeated, the game mode is completed. In Adventure mode, Master Hand will be aided by Crazy Hand once his health is below half. The player now has to defeat both Hands to complete the game mode.


Master Hand's attacks are quick and very buggy. Some can launch the player through the ground into the lower blast line, and due to Master Hand's huge hitbox, a lot of them are hard to avoid. However, there exists an infamous glitch that allows the player to completely avoid any attack by pausing the game and staying in the pause menu until the attack animation, which will continue, is completed. The reason behind this glitch is that the game is not programmed to stop Master Hand's attack animations while the player is in the pause menu, and even turns Master Hand back in idle mode after the animation has finished, but is programmed to avoid dealing any damage if Master Hand's hitboxes collide with the player while he is in the pause menu. Additionally, if the player is standing still while he/she is being hit by an attack (not in the pause menu), he/she will not be launched by most attacks. Due to the very limited amount of pre-made sprites, Master Hand has few attacks compared to the one he has in the official Super Smash Bros. games and even his Super Smash Flash 2 incarnation.

Attack Description
Drill Master Hand flies up, then slams down in a drill-like fashion. This attack is Master Hand's best attack damage and knockback wise, dealing a lot damage and often resulting in an Instant-KO if the player tries to escape by moving. However, Master Hand "locks" approximately 1 second before slamming down, making this attack very easy to avoid.
Gun Master Hand flies above the void, makes the shape of a gun, and fires a set of fiery bullets. However, since flame damage does not exist in Super Smash Flash, the fire is just cosmetic.
Poke Master Hand follows the player for a very short time, then pokes the air three times. The second poke is slightly stronger than the first and the third is much stronger than both.
Push Master Hand flies across the stage, making a stop shape. If the player is in his path, he receives damage and is pushed away. This attack can launch the player towards the upper blast line.
Grab Master Hand tries to grab the player by slowly moving towards him. He stops and goes back to idle after traveling a certain distance. If he manages to grab the player, he crushes him, dealing damage. The player can still be launched into a blast line while being grabbed.
Stone Punch Master Hand hovers over the player, then quickly punches down. This move is very powerful, capable of dealing more than 100% damage in a single hit, and due to the large hitbox it is very hard to avoid. It is often an Instant-KO attack.




  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand are immune to Fox's Blaster.
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand are the only characters in SSF that are capable of grabbing in some capacity.