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Alias MassaMan
Join date 2015
Gender Male
Rank Super Smash Flash 2 developer, Fraymakers developer
Location USA

Mass, also known as MassaMan, is a pixel artist that commonly works with McLeodGaming. He is a Super Smash Flash 2 developer and a core Fraymakers developer.


Mass joined the McLeodGaming community through the McLeodGaming Forums in 2015. There, he frequently posted pixel artwork, often mimicking the sprite styles of Super Smash Flash 2, which caught the attention of several developers.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

Mass joined the development team of SSF2 during the development of Beta, in which he would work as a sprite artist. He primarily works with creating character sprites and has also contributed to item sprites. He is said to "set the bar for quality" among other sprite artists on the team,[1] having helped with characters such as Isaac, Tails, Mega Man, and Simon. Most notably, Mass almost single-handedly developed the resprite for Sora in Beta 1.2.[2]

Work with Fraymakers

In addition to being a part of SSF2 Team, Mass is also a part of Team Fray, the core team developing Fraymakers. Alongside Ramsey Kaid, he is the second artist responsible for creating sprites and animations for the game, and both developers also design characters' movesets.


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