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Developer(s) NAMCO
Dempa Shunbunsha
Publisher(s) WWNAMCO
NABally Midway
Series Mappy
Composer(s) Nobuyuki Ohnogi
Release date March 25, 1983
JPMarch 20, 1983
NAApril 1, 1983
Family Computer
JPNovember 14, 1984
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Platform(s) Arcade, Family Computer

Mappy (マッピー) is an arcade game by NAMCO First introduced in 1983, it was distributed in the United States by Bally/Midway. Mappy is a side-scrolling platform game that features cartoon-like animals, primarily cats and mice. The game's main character itself is a mouse. Mappy runs on NAMCO SUPER PAC-MAN hardware, modified to support horizontal scrolling. The name "Mappy" is likely derived from mappo, a Japanese (slightly pejorative) slang term for a policeman.

In the Super Smash Flash series


In Super Smash Flash 2, PAC-MAN's moveset contains several references to Mappy. His up special move, Pac-Jump, uses the trampoline from this game, which allows the player to bounce on it three times before breaking. The paralyzing effect of the Bell from Bonus Fruit references the bell from this game, which causes enemies to freeze momentarily on contact. Finally, the titular character of this game may appear in his down taunt, NAMCO Roulette.

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