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Pokémon symbol.svg
Art of Magnemite.
National Pokédex  #081
Species Magnet Pokémon
Type Electric/Steel

Magnemite, known in Japan as Coil (コイル), is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Magneton at level 30 and once more into Magnezone if level up near Mt Coronet. In Super Smash Flash 2, it appears in the background of Pokémon Colosseum's Steel-type transformation.

Pokémon description

Magnemite is a seemingly robotic life form that has a gray, spherical metal body with horseshoe magnets on each side and a single, large eye. It has three Phillips head screws on its body: two near the bottom of its body, and the other on top of its head and looks similar to an antenna. The two bottom screws serve no noticeable purpose, although they may be its feet as the Pokédex identifies a footprint similar to that of the screw's head.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Magnemite on Pokémon Colosseum in Super Smash Flash 2.

Magnemite appears in the Steel transformation of the stage, Pokémon Colosseum. It has no effect on the players whatsoever, and simply floats in the background, watching the match.