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Magic Swap
Magic Swap.png
Sora using Magic Swap.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sora cycles between three spells he can then use with Magic Cast.

Magic Swap, previously referred to as Spell Select, was originally Sora's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2 prior to v0.8a of the SSF2 Demo, where it was replaced with Thunder.


When performed, Sora would cycle through three spells to change which spell is then usable in his standard special move at the time, Magic Cast. Sora's whole body would flash a color to indicate which attack has been selected: red for Fire, blue for Blizzard, and yellow for Thunder. Sora would start the match with Fire enabled, and the cycle would go from Blizzard to Thunder to back to Fire.





  • While Magic Swap and Magic Cast have both been removed from SSF2, their effects were reworked in Beta into Sora's current down special move, Command Deck, which simultaneously switches between the three spells and uses the one selected.
Sora's special moves
Standard special move Strike Raid
Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
Final Smash Trinity Limit
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