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Magic Cast
Magic Cast.png
Sora using Fire with Magic Cast.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Sora casts one of three spells selected with Magic Swap.

Magic Cast, previously referred to as Cast Spell, was originally Sora's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2 prior to v0.8a of the SSF2 Demo, where it was replaced with Fire by itself.


When performed, Sora would cast one of three spells depending on which spell the player selected using Sora's down special move at the time, Magic Swap.


Sora holds the Keyblade up and summons medium-sized fireballs which revolve around him. They are short-ranged and not very powerful, but they'll certainly stop an opponent in their tracks.


After swinging the Keyblade forward, Sora unleashes a burst of ice crystals that travel a decent range. They do fair damage and freeze opponents struck by them.


Sora points the Keyblade straight up and shoots a barrage of lightning bolts in front of him from above, dealing massive damage but very little knockback.




  • While Magic Cast and Magic Swap have both been removed from SSF2, their effects were reworked in Beta into Sora's current down special move, Command Deck, which simultaneously switches between the three spells and uses the one selected.
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Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
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