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This article is about Luigi's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For general information about the character, see Luigi.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Luigi.png
Universe Mario
Stock icon SSF Luigi stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Clear Adventure with Mario on normal difficulty or higher.
Tier A+ (6)

Luigi is a playable veteran unlockable character from the Mario universe in Super Smash Flash. He is one of four clone characters in the game, borrowing his moveset from his brother, Mario. Moreover, the creator of Luigi's sprites is also the user Xander, who picked a Mega Man 8-like style for the Mario Bros.'s appearance.

Luigi ranks 6th on the tier list, a few spots lower than his previous placement.


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Luigi has excellent horizontal movement, high jumps, and good KO power. He has easily the best projectile in the game, the Fireball, due to its very fast speed and firing rate. The Luigi Cyclone is a good turtling move, as it comes out fast, surrounds Luigi on both sides, has a long active period, and has instant-KO properties.

Like Mario, Luigi does not have any real weaknesses, other than his lack of a Momentum canceling attack. This lack of downsides makes his strengths appear even more pronounced, as he has strong matchups across the board, resulting in his high placement.

Hard data

Luigi's hard data
Base info
Hitstun taken 8 Number of jumps 2
Attack boost 1 Attack length 16
Attack cooldown 14 Health division 14
Horizontal speed 17
Deceleration 1 Attack start speed 0.3x
Acceleration 0.55 Turn around speed 18
Short hopping speed 10 Jumping speed 15
Gravity 1 Falling speed 25
Individual attack data
Standard attack damage 4 Side attack damage 6
Down attack damage 10 Instant-KO value 7
Roll attack speed 25 Jump attack damage 2


Attack Image Description Damage
Standard attack SSF Luigi standard attack.png Shoots a fast-moving Fireball. The Fireball travels in a straight line, without being affected by gravity. Comparing to Mario's fireball, it is slower, allowing it to deal more hits at a time. 4%
Side attack SSF Luigi side attack.png Delivers two punches rapidly. It is good for racking damage and KOing, due to its decent knockback. 6%
Down attack SSF Luigi down attack.png Uses Green Missile, launching himself sideways like a rocket and travelling a fixed distance. 10%
Up attack SSF Luigi up attack.png Jumps and delivers a high kick. 7%
Down aerial SSF Luigi down aerial.png Uses Luigi Cyclone, spinning around in midair with his arms out, shouting "Wa haa!". Like his down attack, it is very useful for dealing damage.
Jump attack SSF Luigi jump attack.png Luigi has an additional attack while jumping, resembling the Super Jump Punch, just without the coins. 2%

Differences from Mario


  • Nerf Luigi has a slightly higher attack cooldown (13 → 14).
  • Neutral He has a slightly longer default attack length (15 → 16).
    • Buff This makes some attacks' hitboxes last for more time.
    • Nerf It also makes attacks transition into other attacks later, however.

Standard attack

  • Neutral The Fireball itself behaves very differently from Mario's.
    • Nerf It comes out 3 frames slower (5 → 8).
    • Neutral It travels in a straight line, as opposed to a sine wave.
    • Buff It moves about half as fast, allowing it to deal more damage overall, as well as combo into itself at low percents.
      • Nerf This means it travels a much shorter distance, despite lasting 15 frames longer (23 → 38).
    • Nerf It does not grow bigger towards the end of its range.
  • Nerf Luigi's hurtboxes are bigger overall, especially during the initial frames.

Side attack

  • Neutral The attack's attackboxes and hurtboxes are bigger.
    • Buff Luigi has a better disjoint in this attack comparing to Mario.

Down attack

  • Neutral Luigi uses his Green Missile instead of a slide kick.
  • Buff The move deals 1% more damage per frame (9% → 10%).
  • Buff Luigi moves 7 units faster on startup (18 → 25).
    • Nerf This makes Luigi more susceptible to getting instantly-KO'd.
  • Buff The move lasts 7 frames longer (18 → 25).
  • Buff The attack's hitbox is much wider and more centered, and can hit behind Luigi.
  • Nerf Luigi's hurtbox becomes gigantic after the initial frames of the attack.

Up attack

  • Nerf The move lasts 1 frame shorter (11 → 10).
  • Buff The attack's hitbox is taller, giving Luigi a better disjoint above him.
  • Nerf The attack's hitbox is more centered, giving Luigi no disjoint in front of him.
  • Nerf Luigi's hurtboxes are a bit taller.
  • Neutral Luigi does not jump as high when kicking.
    • Buff This gives him better range above him overall, and allows him to maintain a slight disjoint during the peak of his jump.
    • Nerf Luigi has a shorter disjoint below him as a trade-off.

Down aerial

  • Buff The move lasts 2 frames longer (14 → 16).
  • Buff The attack's hitbox is significantly wider and slightly taller, giving Luigi better coverage and range on the sides.
  • Nerf Luigi's hurtboxes are less consistent, being much bigger than Mario's on average. Luigi also does not have a disjoint above him.
  • Buff Luigi has a short "wind up" animation at the beginning, giving him a strong disjoint on both sides during the initial frames.
  • Buff Luigi does not "hop" at the end of the attack, giving his hurtboxes less vertical movement.

Jump attack

  • Buff The attack's hitbox is bigger, giving Luigi better coverage.
    • Neutral It has slightly more range above Luigi and less range in front of him.
  • Nerf Luigi's hurtbox is noticeably wider.

Other animations

  • Nerf Luigi's standing and flinching hurtboxes are slightly wider and notably taller.
  • Nerf His crouching hurtbox is slightly wider.
  • Nerf His running hurtbox is a bit taller.
  • Neutral His falling hurtbox is somewhat off-center.


  • As it was with the case of Mario, Luigi's original sprite sheet by Xander actually has elements that were omitted from SSF due to limitations, such as Luigi hitting with his rear or the coins from Super Jump Punch.