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This article is about Lloyd's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Lloyd Irving.
Lloyd Irving
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Lloyd.png
Universe Tales
Stock icon SSF Lloyd stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Clear Adventure with any character after having one hour of total play time.
Tier S (1)

Lloyd is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash, coming from the fifth mothership title in the Tales series, Tales of Symphonia. His sprites are ripped straight from Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 for Game Boy Advance. 

Lloyd is ranked at the top of the tier list. He has a solid projectile with Demon Fang, which can combo into itself at lower percentages. His Rising Falcon is one of the few meteor smashes in the game, which gives him one of the best edge guards in the game. Tempest is easily his best move, however, as not only does he completely envelop himself for its duration, but it can deal up to 120% damage with one use and is also an instant-KO attack. His other moves are fast, strong, and have range as well, making him one of the strongest fighters in close range combat.

Lloyd is still not without his own flaws, however. Like the other sword users, he has difficulty approaching characters with projectiles. His Demon Fang helps, but has a slower rate of fire than most projectiles, allowing characters like Mario or Zero to overwhelm him. Additionally, his air speed is only average at best, which can give him trouble when recovering.

Lloyd has strong matchups across the board, and can easily outshine many top tier characters with all of his favorable attributes. 


Attack Description Damage Image
Standard attack Lloyd uses Sword Rain, slashing multiple times in front of himself. Holding down the button causes Lloyd to enter a somewhat long harmless falling animation frame after each Sword Rain, which actually interrupts the attack as Lloyd will be unable to deliver one last hit of Sword Rain. 3% SSF Lloyd standard attack.png
Side attack Lloyd slashes in front of him. Strangely for a side attack, Lloyd cannot skid forward with this move but is still able to manually move forward by holding down a key side button. 2% SSF Lloyd side attack.png
Up attack Lloyd uses Tempest, performing a single circling slash that covers his whole body. 4% SSF Lloyd up attack.png
Down attack Lloyd uses Demon Fang, performing a slash that generates a sliding shockwave along the floor, damaging any opponents on its way. This is one of the few attacks in the game that cannot be held indefinitely, as attempting to do so will cause Lloyd to use his standard attack instead. 7% SSF Lloyd down attack.png
Down aerial Lloyd uses Rising Falcon, plummeting himself towards the ground, diagonally slanted, with his Flamberge extended. As the hitbox covers the whole body of Lloyd, it is a great edgeguarding tool. For some reason, it utilizes the Ray Gun's (an item missing in SSF) shot sound effect whenever it is used. 4% SSF Lloyd down aerial.png


  • Lloyd and Mr. Game & Watch are the only characters that cannot be unlocked via the skip glitch. In Lloyd's case, due to having a fixed play time requirement, use of the skip glitch hinders meeting him to fight him rather than assisting.
  • Lloyd reuses the same sprite set from Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 for his return in Super Smash Flash 2, albeit it is heavily edited. He is the only character to do so.
  • Though Lloyd carries both the Vorpal Sword and the Flamberge at the same time, he only uses the first one in one attack (his up attack, Tempest) while he uses the latter in all of his attacks.