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Not to be confused with List of unused content of Super Smash Flash 2.

Demo v0.1a, the first playable demo in SSF2.

The following lists consist of removed content previously shown in a demo before being scrapped or altered from its original implementation. Note that normal attacks are too numerous to list due to being changed constantly; as such, they will not be mentioned below.

Removed content

Special moves

Wario using Wario Bike near an E-Tank.

*: His down smash and Demon Fang must be fully-charged, in order to link into other moves and up smash, respectively.

  • Lloyd had a set of techniques called "Linked Artes" in versions 0.8a and 0.8b. These techniques allowed Lloyd to instantly cancel certain moves into into each other in rapid succession. They were removed in v0.9a, as they were found unnecessary.
  • Guardian was Lloyd's down special move, but was replaced with Grave Blade in demo v0.8a. Subsequently, Grave Blade was replaced with Rising Falcon in Beta.
  • Beast replaced Sonic Thrust as Lloyd's side special move in demo v0.5a only for Sonic Thrust to be brought back in demo v0.6 and Beast to be relocated to Lloyd's forward smash. Sonic Thrust then became Lloyd's dash attack, as Tempest replaced Sonic Thrust as his side special move.

Three Soras using Magic Swap.

  • Sora's special moves were changed multiple times. In v0.6, his down special move was Magic Swap. It got replaced by Thundaga on v0.8b, which, in turn, was replaced by Command Deck in Beta.
    • When Thundaga replaced Magic Swap, Blizzard (part of the move) became his back throw, while Firaga (also part of the move) became his neutral special move. Command Deck, however, made all three spells part of it.
    • Strike Raid, in v0.9b, was moved from Sora's side special move to his neutral special move, to accommodate Flowmotion.
    • Aerial Recovery replaced Finishing Leap as Sora's up special in Beta.

Ichigo using Stunning Slash against Mario.

Final Smashes

Peach using Peach Beam against Wario, Black Mage and Mario.



Assist Trophies

Amigo on Twilight Town.

  • Bandana Dee and PAC-MAN were both removed as Assist Trophies in Beta, due to their new roles as playable characters.
  • Amigo was removed as an Assist Trophy in Beta, due to being never fully functional and because his music never picked up where it left off.
  • Renji Abarai was replaced with Rukia Kuchiki as an Assist Trophy in Beta, due to being excessively buggy with floor collisions, teleporting around, and slippery movement.
  • Light Yagami was removed as an Assist Trophy in Beta, due to being "completely overpowered" and originating from an anime franchise with no other representation in Super Smash Flash 2.

Poké Balls

  • MissingNo. was removed as a Poké Ball in Beta, due to its function being deemed redundant, along with reports of having scared users playing in fullscreen mode into mistakenly thinking that their computers had actually crashed.

Background characters

MG icon.svg Main article: Background character/Removed background characters
Stage Character
Central Highway Bee Blader
Comet Observatory
(Galaxy Tours)
Gangplank Galleon Scurvy Crew
Green Hill Zone Cream the Rabbit
Hueco Mundo Sōsuke Aizen
Tier Harribel
Ulquiorra Cifer
Planet Namek Piccolo
Saturn Valley Rope Snake
Sky Sanctuary Zone Mecha Sonic
Smashville Mabel

Altered content

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Mario's very first in-game design.

  • Mario's original Super Mario World sprites were recolored to match the style of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in v0.5a. He was resprited, and then recolored once again, to match Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, both changes happening in v0.9b patches.
  • Kirby's sprites were changed from rips from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS Kirby games to Brawl-styled sprites from Kirby Super Star Ultra in v0.5a. He was then resprited again in Beta.
  • Link was given completely custom sprites for v0.9b. He was later recolored to match his color scheme in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • Naruto had his color scheme altered in a patch for v0.9a. Goku and Ichigo received the same treatment in v0.9b, while Pikachu and Lloyd were changed in Beta. The latter also had a correction of his swords, preventing him from flipping his swords based on the direction he faces.
  • Multiple characters, most notably Tails, got minor tweaks to their color scheme in Beta 1.2.


Temple's third early design.


  • Activating the Smash Ball to perform a Final Smash was originally much different. Players would have to pick it up from the ground and activate it by shielding and then pressing the special move button.
    • The command to use a Final Smash changed to simply pressing the special move button in v0.2a, but it would not be until v0.2b that the Smash Ball is a floating item rather than one players can pick up.
  • Lakitu originally had a much different function as an Assist Trophy, following the player who summoned it and catching it with a fishing rod if it fell off-stage. As of Beta, Lakitu now floats high across the stage and drops Spinies drop down that will attack opponents they make contact with.