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This article is about Link's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Link.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Link.png
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Stock icon SSF Link stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Tier C (26)

Link is a playable veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash coming from The Legend of Zelda series. Link comes with an array of weapons and items in his arsenal from the aforementioned game series. He poses several of his Super Smash Bros. series attacks, as well. His sprites were completely custom-made by user SemiJuggalo in a Mega Man Zero-like style.

Link is ranked at 26th on the current tier list, two spots lower than his position in the previous tier list.


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Link has high jumps and two solid projectiles that deal good damage.

However, his horizontal movement is fairly slow, and his arrow has a very high startup lag. His best projectile, the Boomerang, has limited range. Due to his larger hurtbox, he is placed lower than Young Link on the tier list.

Hard data

Link's hard data
Base info
Hitstun taken 8 Number of jumps 2
Attack boost N/A Attack length 15
Attack cooldown 20 Health division 14
Horizontal speed 18
Deceleration 1 Attack start speed 0.3x
Acceleration 0.6 Turn around speed 19
Short hopping speed 10 Jumping speed 15
Gravity 1 Falling speed 25
Individual attack data
Standard attack damage 3 Side attack damage 3
Down attack damage 5 Instant-KO value 4
Roll attack speed N/A Jump attack damage N/A


Attack Image Description Damage
Standard attack SSF Link standard attack.png Takes out his Bow and shoots a single arrow that travels in a horizontal trajectory. 3%
Side attack SSF Link side attack.png Slashes twice with the Master Sword. The first is a horizontal slash with a small hitbox and deals moderate damage and knockback, while the second is an arched slash that encircles Link's head and its hitbox is considerably larger. 3%
Down attack SSF Link down attack.png Throws a Boomerang that travels across the floor and then returns through the air, making it able to hit opponents both in front and above Link. The returning trait of the boomerang is unique among other projectiles. Trying to launch a boomerang right after another will cancel the older boomerang and neglect its returning property. 5%
Up attack SSF Link up attack.png Performs the Jump Thrust, stabbing upwards and damaging opponents directly above him; by attacking while jumping, the attack is more reminiscent to its original source. 4%
Down aerial SSF Link down aerial.png Utilizes the Down Thrust, shoving the Master Sword downwards and damaging opponents directly below him. On contact with an opponent, Link will bounce upwards slightly. Oddly, he will get a bigger boost if Link is player two in the match.