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Zelda sweet spotting a Lightning Kick on Captain Falcon.

Lightning Kick is Zelda's back aerial and forward aerial in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash 2. The attacks work similar to a sex kick due to the sweet spot being in the initial frames of the attack and at the heel. The back aerial version has less start-up lag, and has a bigger sweet spot, the forward aerial version does more knockback and damage. The sweet spot of down tilt makes the attack a Lightning Kick. The Lightning Kick is very similar to Captain Falcon's Knee Smash, as both are effective aerials that deal very powerful horizontal knockback with electric effects when sweet spotted, while being weak with no effects when sour spotted. In Super Smash Flash, the attack resembled Zelda's down aerial and did not require a sweet spot; it was her up attack and aerial down attack.


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