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Lloyd hanging on one of Final Destination's ledges.

ledge, also known as an edge or a cliff, is a platform feature in Super Smash Flash 2 that a character can grab or tether to, usually placed at the ends of a stage's main platform. This location is especially important during edgeguarding and recovery, where a recovering opponent might try to access it, while the edgeguarder can try to use the ledge to edgehog. effectively denying the ledge to the recovering opponent. Some stages have multiple ledges, while others do not have any.

Characters with a tether recovery have a much easier time grabbing the ledge due to the tethers having large sweet spots. Almost every tether has a hitbox to knock opponents off the ledge in order to steal it.

All characters in the air, aside from one, will automatically grab the ledge when close enough to it, but they will ignore it if they are fast falling or if another character is already hanging onto it. Characters also cannot grab ledges while performing an attack, though some do snap to the ledge when close. When a character grabs the ledge, they will gain invincibility for a short duration of time.

All characters have a fixed amount of time they have to hang onto the ledge for, which lasts about four seconds, after which they will automatically let go and start falling. The amount of time a character can hang onto the ledge cannot increase or decrease by usual methods, allowing a player to repeatedly grabbing the ledge, effectively stalling.

Ledge options

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Jigglypuff using a roll climb to get back to Central Highway's main platform.

Ledge options are a set of actions that characters can perform while hanging on a ledge. These techniques are absent from the first Super Smash Flash, as ledges did not exist in the game and as such, could not be grabbed. Below is a list of ledge options:

  • Climb up: By pressing in the direction the character is facing, they will simply climb up onto the stage, granting invincibility as they do so. The invincibility disappears when the character is fully standing.
  • Attack: Done by pressing either attack button. When performed, the character does a ledge attack, which can be used to guard break edgeguarding opponents.
  • Roll: Done by pressing the shield button. When performed, the character will climb up and roll forward a short distance while invincible, typically enough to reach the other side of an attacker.
  • Jump: By pressing the jump button or up, the ledge hang animation will be cancelled into a jumping animation.
  • Let go: Done by pressing in the opposite direction the character is facing. When performed a character will let go of the edge and fall in the direction of the key pressed. While counterproductive at first glance, but it is useful if a character wishes to double jump and then air dodge, which is a useful alternative to jumping in a few cases. Also, depending on the character, midair jumping and using an aerial attack can be faster than using the recovery attack.
  • Fast fall: By pressing the down button, a character will let go and fall downward and make the character fast fall. This could be used for stalling, by fast falling and then using one's recovery to get back.

Ledge sweetspotting

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Fox failing to grab the ledge.
Captain Falcon successfully grabbing the ledge.
Fox and Captain Falcon trying to ledge sweetspot with their side special move, with Fox failing and Captain Falcon succeeding.

The ledge sweetspot is the act of grabbing the ledge of a platform with an attack (usually a special move or tether grab) while said special attack is still active.

Players try to sweet spot the ledge when recovering to avoid certain edgeguarding tactics and making guard breaking much easier. Sweet spotting avoids most ground attacks and certain aerials by recovering to low to be hit and if they are hit, ledge teching becomes relatively easier. However, trying to sweetspot the ledge could make players vulnerable to edgehogging.


In Smash Flash DOJO!!!


  • Sandbag is the only character in SSF2 who cannot grab ledges at all.

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