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Lloyd grabbing the ledge of Final Destination.

ledge, also known as an edge or a cliff, is a platform feature in Super Smash Flash 2 that a character can grab or tether to. Ledges are often at the end of a stage's main platform. The ledge is especially important during edgeguarding, where a recovering opponent might try to access it, and the edgeguarder can try to use the ledge to edgehog. Some stages have multiple ledges, while others do not have any.

Characters in the air will normally automatically grab the ledge when close enough to it, but they will ignore it if they are fast falling, they are attacking, or if another character is already hanging onto it. When a character grabs the ledge they will gain invincibility frames for a short duration of time. Some characters can automatically grab the ledge when running off the stage better than others.


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There are five possible actions a character can perform when hanging onto a ledge: climbing up to the edge, climbing up while attacking, rolling a short distance forward, jumping upward from it, or dropping down or away from it.

Hang time

All characters have a fixed amount of time they have to hang onto the ledge for, which lasts about four seconds. The amount of time a character can hang onto the ledge cannot increase or decrease by usual methods so someone can keep grabbing the ledge and their ledge hang time will remain the same, effectively stalling.


In Smash Flash DOJO!!!

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