Leaving Work
Leaving Work
Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Factory
Level number 16
Leaving Work

Leaving Work is the sixteenth level of Yeah Jam Fury. To access it, the player must clear every level from Find Your Footing to Windowsill.


The level is a follow-up to the eleventh level in the game, Coming to Work, and it shares a nearly identical layout: it consists of a large box of Lead Blocks separated by small platforms, with an opening at the bottom and a small platform outside to the left. The main difference, in addition to there being fewer Yellow Blocks, is that the player now starts on the highest platform in the box and the mango is now on the outside platform. To reach it, the player must first fall to the lower platform while destroying enough Yellow Blocks with Fury to place them with Yeah in order to construct a path to this platform.


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