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Star Fox symbol.svg
The Landmaster on Mushroom Kingdom II.
Universe Star Fox
User(s) Fox (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Basic
Effect Fox gets into the Landmaster for a short time.

Landmaster (ランドマスター) is Fox's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Fox jumps high into the air, past the upper blast line. After reaching it, he enters the Landmaster, a large tank that he can use to move around the stage, hover indefinitely, do a barrel roll, and fire large energy blasts. Opponents that make contact with either an energy blast or the Landmaster itself are dealt 15% damage and heavy knockback, though the attacks have different knockback trajectories: the Landmaster itself launches diagonally upwards, while its energy blasts launch at a semi-spike angle, opponents hit by the barrel roll will be dealt 22% and upward knockback. After a short duration of time, Fox will exit the Landmaster, ending the move.


Fox using the Landmaster in Star Fox 64.

The Landmaster is a land-based vehicle in the Star Fox series that originally appeared in Star Fox 64. It is used instead of the standard Arwing by Fox on certain levels to complete their objectives. The vehicle is able to hover in the air and fire energy blasts, but unlike in SSF2, it cannot hover indefinitely and also has the ability to roll over — known as a barrel roll in this game. Like the Arwing, the Landmaster moves forward at all times in this game; however, this was changed in Star Fox: Assault, where the player is given free range over its movement.

The tank's appearance is based mostly on the futuristic look of its Star Fox: Assault incarnation, but it also shares the traditional tank treads it has in Star Fox 64.



Early designs


  • The Landmaster is also present in SSF2 as a transformation in Kirby's down special move, Stone.
    • As a Landmaster, Kirby can move across the stage and deal 3% damage to opponents in the way.
  • When Fox uses the Final Smash inside the tunnel of Sand Ocean; he will have the Landmaster on top of tunnel, but if the tunnel is not exited fast enough then he will be KO'ed.
  • Initially, Fox could take damage inside the Landmaster, but this was fixed in v0.9b of the demo.
Fox's special moves
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Final Smash Landmaster