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Krystal Rush
Krystal Rush Preview.jpg
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Krystal using Krystal Rush in midair.
Universe Star Fox
User(s) Krystal (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Krystal rushes forward with a kick, bouncing off opponents in her way.

Krystal Rush is Krystal's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Krystal rushes forward at a high speed with a kick, causing a purple trailing effect to appear. When used on the ground, she slides straight forward across it, whereas in midair, she travels diagonally downward. Opponents kicked will be dealt 8% damage with weak vertical knockback, and Krystal will bounce upward off of them.

This move is most useful for starting combos, as Krystal will generally bounce close enough to the opponent to follow up with another attack. Additionally, the aerial variant of this move is very effective for horizontal recovery, as it travels a relatively far distance forward and does not leave her helpless afterwards.

Normally, when used on the ground, Krystal will stop moving at the end of a platform upon reaching it. However, if Krystal uses the move in midair and then reaches the end of a platform upon landing with the move, she will then cancel the move, maintaining her momentum and allowing her to immediately follow up with any action.




  • Prior to her inclusion in Beta 1.2, Krystal's side special move was planned to be Krystal Phase, which was used simply to have a side special move at Super Smash Con 2018. It was changed to Krystal Rush due to it being considered far more useful and contributing to her playstyle.
  • Krystal Rush works very similarly to Bayonetta's side special moves in the official Super Smash Bros. series, known as Heel Slide on the ground and After Burner Kick in the air. Both moves cause the character to perform a sliding kick on the ground or fly diagonally with a kick with the air. Additionally, one variant of After Burner Kick can be angled downward so Bayonetta bounces off opponents.
Krystal's special moves
Neutral special move Sniper Rifle
Side special move Krystal Rush
Up special move Staff Rocket Boost
Down special move Grenade
Final Smash Fireburst Pod