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Not to be confused with invincibility frame, a property which leaves a character immune to knockback, as well as damage.

Two Donkey Kongs using Giant Punch on each other. Notice how neither of them are flinching.

Knockback resistance is a move property in the Super Smash Bros. series and in Super Smash Flash 2 where a character is fully or partially immune to knockback. The character will still take damage, though. Grabboxes, present in grabs and command grabs, ignore all variations of knockback resistance.

Knockback resistance is split in three categories; super armor, where a character will not take any type of knockback, heavy armor, where a character is immune to knockback from moves that deal a damage below a specific amount, and launch resistance, where a character's knockback is reduced by a certain amount, and will not flinch if the result reaches zero. There are no knockback resistance mechanics in Super Smash Flash.

List of moves with knockback resistance

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Below is a list of all instances of knockback resistance. If a move's duration is not specified, knockback resistance is present during the entire move.

Character Move Type Duration Threshold
Black Mage Dash attack Super armor From the point where he turns into stone onwards. N/A
Donkey Kong Giant Punch Super armor Only if fully charged and grounded. N/A
Luffy Gum-Gum Balloon Heavy armor While he is inflated. 13%
Mega Man Beat Heavy armor N/A 13%
Yoshi Midair jumping Launch resistance Launch resistance's only instance in the game. 16 units
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