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Kirby using the move, with the Inhale method against Black Mage on The World That Never Was.

A Kirbycide is a technique specific to Kirby in the original Super Smash Bros. games and in Super Smash Flash 2 and the most well known Sacrificial KO move; Kirby immobilizes and forces the opponent to self-destruct which will also end in the player's death. Kirbyciding was not possible to perform in Super Smash Flash due to Kirby not having his Inhale ability nor were characters able to grab which meant they were also unable to perform throws.


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Kirby using his throws against Bandana Dee in order to Kirbycide.


The best known Kirbycide. To perform this method, Kirby has to trap the opponent in his mouth with his standard special move, Inhale, and walk off the side of the stage.


Chomp is a move that can be copied from Wario. Similarly to the Inhale Kirbycide, Kirby has to grab the opponent and drag them to the blast line. Opponents can break free by mashing buttons.

Gum-Gum Pistol

Gum-Gum Pistol can be copied from Luffy. This special move, like Chomp and Inhale, is a special grab, and the Kirbycide involves Kirby grabbing the opponent and dragging them to the blast zone.

Performing a Sacrificial KO with Gum-Gum Pistol is considerably hard, due to Kirby releasing the opponent after several frames, due to the move transitioning into a normal grab shortly after Kirby's hand comes into contact with an opponent.


Back throw

Kirby performs a suplex on the opponent. When used near a ledge; both Kirby and the opponent will fall of the stage to their deaths.

Forward throw

Kirby performs a Pile Driver on his opponent. Like his Back throw, when used near a ledge both Kirby and his opponent will off the stage to their deaths. Bandana Dee also shares the same throw.

Up throw

Kirby jumps high into the air while dragging the opponent, then slams them into the ground. This method is one of the hardest to perform a Kirbycide with. It is best to perform this method on a stage with a moving platform like on Smashville. If a moving platform is not present then it will require the player to grab the opponent over the ledge of a stage. However, there is no guarantee that the throw will send Kirby and the opponent off stage. It also possible to perform this if a ceiling is present like the tunnel on Sand Ocean; just before entering the tunnel the player can use his up throw to Kirbycide.

Final Cutter

Final Cutter is a weak meteor smash, but at high percentages can help KO the opponent as well as Kirby if he is too far away to grab the ledge or does not land on a platform.

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