Kingdom Castle Animations
KCA Affiliate Logo
The Kingdom Castle Animations affiliate logo.
Founded 2005
Headquarters California, United States
Key people Topcat
Slogan "bringing sprite works higher up the web chain"
Website Official site (archived)
Available in English
Current status Defunct

Kingdom Castle Animations, often abbreviated as KCA, was a website founded in 2005 by Topcat, also known by the other aliases topcat13 and Blade. The website was dedicated to Flash animations, comics, and sprites revolving around preexisting franchises such as Star Fox, Sonic, and KINGDOM HEARTS. There were also several more original characters created alongside them, such as the leader's eponymous persona Topcat and Sonic fan characters Blade and Blue.

For unspecified reasons, the website would eventually cease uploading content in 2007, and the website remained stagnant until shutting down in 2014.

Association with McLeodGaming

Topcat was directly involved in the early development of the original Super Smash Flash through the creation of Blade and Blue. Prior to being a Super Smash Bros. fan game, the game began development as a combat-oriented Sonic fan game starring an original character. To create this character, Gregory McLeod gave Topcat template sprites of characters created by Equinox-Twilight from which the new characters Blade and Blue were derived, with Blade intended to be the main character. The sprites created by Topcat would be used for the characters in-game.

Following the game's release, Kingdom Castle Animations would be listed as an affiliate of McLeodGaming. Topcat would return to develop for Super Smash Flash 2, which was initially set to include Blade and Blue as returning fighters, by creating the new sprites and designs for the characters. However, these sprites would not be used due to the characters being cut from the game, and Topcat is no longer in contact with McLeodGaming.

Influence in the McLeodGaming media

The Sonic fan characters Blade and Blue both appear as playable characters in Super Smash Flash. Although the two characters were created specifically for this game, both are owned by Kingdom Castle Animations, which is credited in the game's credits. As previously stated, Blade and Blue were initially set to return with new designs in Super Smash Flash 2 but have since been cut alongside all other fan characters.

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