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Kaiō-ken ND.png
Dragon Ball symbol.svg
Goku's Kaiō-ken form.
Universe Dragon Ball
User(s) Goku (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Goku releases aura that temporarily transforms him into his stronger Kaiō-ken form upon contact with opponents.

Kaiō-ken (界王拳) is Goku's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Goku lets out a blue ki aura around himself, and any opponent or other hurtbox that comes in contact with it will have Goku activate the move and take 3% damage. Once activated, Goku temporarily transforms into his Kaiō-ken form, in which he is tinted with a crimson tone and his moveset is changed.

While in his Kaiō-ken form, most of Goku's moves are stronger and faster versions of his moves from his base form. For example, his Kamehameha becomes Kaiō-ken Kamehameha, which charges twice as fast and is more powerful overall. His smash attacks are also more powerful and cannot be charged. Many of his moves also have different properties, and others are changed entirely. The most notable of these is his side special move, which changes from Ki Blasts to Kaiō-ken Attack, in which Goku dashes forward while surrounded by energy. Despite these strengths, Goku takes 1% recoil damage every fourth of a second in this form, and he does not gain any kind of knockback resistance. Additionally, Goku must continuously land attacks on opponents to maintain this form, as it will end if he does not attack any opponents for a certain period of time.

Kaiō-ken Goku's own version of the down special move releases red ki aura around him that deals 5% damage to opponents hit, but it cannot be held.


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Ground attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard attack N/A Does a sequency of a rapid and quick kicks. Infinite. 2%
Down tilt Punches while crouching. 8%
Down smash Kiai Thrusts his hands out from either side, emitting a force that deals severe damage. Launches opponent into the air. 12%
Side tilt N/A Kicks out in front of him. Good reach and power. 15%
Forward smash Powerfully punches forward. 18%
Up tilt Punches diagonally upwards out in front of him. 9%
Up smash Quickly flings up his fist while jumping. 17%
Dash attack Does a powerful and fast elbow strike. 12%

Aerial attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral aerial N/A Does two spinning kicks, one after the other. Very fast attack. 13%
Forward aerial Hammer fist. Very strong semi-spike, fast attack. 13%
Back aerial Back spinning kick. Somewhat slow for a Kaiō-ken Goku attack. 14%
Up aerial Flip Kick. Good juggler, and Kaiō-ken Goku's fastest aerial. 12%
Down aerial Feet Kamehameha A stall-then-fall move. Shoots diagonally downwards hands first like a missile. 9%

Grabs and throws

Attack Name Description Damage
Grab N/A Reaches with his hand out to grab. N/A
Pummel Punches opponent. 1%
Forward throw Slams energy into the opponent forward with both hands. 14%
Back throw Dragon Throw Spins the opponent around several times quickly before throwing the opponent backwards. Very fast and powerful throw. 16%
Up throw N/A Punches the opponent upwards. Similar to his Up Smash in appearance. 10%
Down throw Taiyō-ken Conjures a flash of light that traps opponents with strong hitstun, can chain throw. 6%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Jumps up off the ground feet first. 12%
Ledge attack Hammer fist. 12%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Kaiō-ken Kamehameha Kaiō-ken Goku concentrates his Ki into a single point between his hands and then thrusts forward to shoot out a powerful streaming beam of ki. It takes four seconds for the Kamehameha to be fully charged. 12%
Side special move Kaiō-ken Attack Kaiō-ken Goku dashes forward with a red burst of energy. 7%
Up special move Instant Transmission Kaiō-ken Goku performs a flip kick, before teleporting in the inputted direction. Slightly faster than regular Instant Transmission. 14%
Down special move N/A Kaiō-ken Goku unleashes a short-ranged aura that can hit opponents. Good to start combos. 5%


Misc. Description
Taunts Standard Powers up with red energy around him.


Goku using Kaiō-ken in the Dragon Ball manga.

Kaiō-ken is a technique in the Dragon Ball franchise created by North Kaio and is one of two techniques he taught to Goku, the other being Genki Dama, when he trained in the other world. As a result of the Kaiō-ken, Goku's strength, speed, and base ki level are multiplied for an instant, and he later learns to increase the effect of the Kaiō-ken to higher multiplications. When Goku first mastered the technique, the furthest he could handle was the Kaiō-ken x4, but through training in gravity 100 times more powerful than Earth's, as well as a dramatic strength increase after his fight with Captain Ginyu, he was able to withstand astounding multiplications of the Kaiō-ken attack, such as Kaiō-ken x20.

Son Goku using Kaiō-ken in the anime, Dragon Ball Z.

Despite Kaiō-ken's power, Goku is not able to hold the transformation for too long and may suffer from severe painful muscle convulsion afterwards, which is referenced in SSF2 through the consistent damage Goku takes over time while in this form. If the user multiplies their base ki too much, the uprise of ki could easily obliterate them, or severely damage their body. After becoming Super Saiyan, Goku discontinued using Kaiō-ken, as the Super Saiyan transformation largely overshadows it, and combining the transformations would be far too overwhelming on his body. However, this changed in the Dragon Ball Super anime, when Goku combined the Kaiō-ken with his Super Saiyan Blue, allowing him to use Kaiō-Ken while transformed and not endanger his life as a result of the huge amount of energy loss.

The attack's ability to damage opponents who touch Goku may be a reference to various Dragon Ball video games, where the opponent would be blown back or take damage if a player character transforms into another form while close-by. The Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series mirrors how the attack works in SSF2 most notably, as Goku also had a Kaiō-ken transformation. However, no Dragon Ball game requires the player to "hit" an opponent to transform.




Early designs


  • In v0.7 of the demo, Kaiō-ken originally required the player to keep using the move for about four seconds straight to activate, and Goku could then stay in the Kaiō-ken form for as long as the player desired. In order to return to his normal form, the player would have to use the down special move again.
  • Goku's red costume gives him an appearance similar to his Kaiō-ken form.
  • In the game itself, the technique is referred to by its English name, "Kaio-ken", without the macron over the O.
  • Goku can permanently stay in his Kaiō-ken form in event #37, Fist of the World King.
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