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North American cover art featuring the main characters, from top: Sora, Riku, Goofy, Kairi, and Donald.
Developer(s) SQUARESOFT
Publisher(s) SQUARE Electronic Arts/Disney Interactive
Director(s) Tetsuya Nomura
Producer(s) Shinji Hashimoto
Yoshinori Kitase
Designer(s) Tetsuya Nomura
Programmer(s) Hiroshi Harata
Kentarou Yasui
Artist(s) Takayuki Odachi
Writer(s) Jun Akiyama
Daisuke Watanabe
Kazushige Nojima
Composer(s) Yoko Shimomura
Release date JPMarch 28, 2002
NASeptember 17, 2002
EUNovember 15, 2002
AUNovember 22, 2002
JPDecember 26, 2002 (Final Mix)
Genre(s) Action role-playing game, hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Media 1 DVD-ROM

KINGDOM HEARTS (キングダムハーツ) is an action role-playing game developed and published by SQUARE SOFT (now SQUARE ENIX) in September 17, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 video game console in America. It is the first game in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. It was created due to the collaboration between SQUARE and Walt Disney. The game was successful, both commercially and critically. It has sold over 5.6 million copies worldwide. It has many sequels including KINGDOM HEARTS: Chain of Memories, KINGDOM HEARTS II, etc. An enhanced Japan-exclusive version of the game called KINGDOM HEARTS: FINAL MIX, was released in December 26, 2002.

In the Super Smash Flash series


Sora, the main protagonist of the KINGDOM HEARTS series who made his debut in this game, appears as a playable character in Super Smash Flash 2.


Most of the attacks Sora uses in his moveset in SSF2 make use of his Keyblade, the Kingdom Key, which debuted in this game. One of the Keyblade techniques he learns in this game, Strike Raid, appears in SSF2 as his neutral special move. In addition, the three spells Sora uses as his action commands in his down special move, Command Deck, also debuted in this game. These include Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder, with Blizzard acting similarly to Blizzaga in this game. Sora's Final Smash, Trinity Limit, is also based on a technique originating from this game, though it is only partially based on this game's incarnation of it.


The KINGDOM HEARTS universe's victory theme in SSF2 is a short rendition of a portion from the Hikari theme, which first appears in this game.

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