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Mario and Link jumping on Mushroom Kingdom II.
Mario and PAC-MAN jumping on Mushroom Kingdom.
Mario and Link jumping in SSF (left), and Mario and PAC-MAN jumping in SSF2 (right).

Jumping is an action that moves a character from the ground into the air. A common action performable in many video games, it may be used mainly to evade obstacles but may also be used as an offensive technique as well. In the McLeodGaming media, jumping is an action that can be performed in the fighting Super Smash Flash series and the puzzle platformer Yeah Jam Fury series, working differently according to the series.

In the Super Smash Flash series

Mario jumping on Peach's Castle.

Jumping is one of the basic actions required for movement in the SSF games, it can be used as a form of evasion and recovering but may also be used as an approaching tool, allowing aerial attacks to be performed. All characters can jump a second time while in midair.

In Super Smash Flash, characters tend to be floatier, prolonging the aerial time after jumping; some characters even come with an additional jump attack. In this game, jumping and midair jumping both utilize the same code and animation. Thus, technically, SSF lacks the midair jump mechanic. Due to that, a character who has not jumped yet and got launched or dropped off-stage, they will still be able to jump normally, and even follow it up with another jump, something that is not possible in the Super Smash Bros. games.

Jumping is further expanded and tweaked in Super Smash Flash 2, in order to work more accordingly to the source games. It is now possible to perform other actions, such as attacking in multiple direction and even air dodge or enter into helplessness. Attacking in midair may sometimes also hinder the jumping momentum, unlike in the original SSF.

Jump data for Super Smash Flash

Character Height #
Blade Unknown 2
Captain Falcon
Jigglypuff 5
Kirby 6
Knuckles 2
Mega Man X
Meta Knight 6
Mewtwo 2
Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Incredible
Super Sonic
Tails 5
Young Link 2

Jump data for Super Smash Flash 2

Character Jump speed Jump startup
Bandana Dee 13.4 2
Black Mage 14 2
Bomberman 19.2 2
Bowser 17.2 4
Captain Falcon 20 2
Chibi-Robo 17.8 2
Donkey Kong 18 3
Falco 27.5 2
Fox 24 2
Ganondorf 17 2
Goku 15 3
Ichigo 13.8 2
Isaac 19 2
Jigglypuff 10 2
Kirby 12 2
Krystal 22 2
Link 16 2
Lloyd 15 2
Lucario 17.2 3
Luffy 16 2
Luigi 15.5 2
Mario 17.4 2
Marth 14 2
Mega Man 15 3
Meta Knight 13 2
Mr. Game & Watch 17 3
Naruto 17 2
Ness 16 2
PAC-MAN 14.2 2
Peach 13.5 2
Pichu 16 2
Pikachu 17 2
Pit 15.8 2
Rayman 15 3
Ryu 16 2
Samus 16 2
Sandbag 15 2
Sheik 19 2
Simon 17 2
Sonic 16.5 2
Sora 15.9 2
Tails 13 2
Waluigi 20 2
Wario 18.4 3
Yoshi 16.6 2
Zelda 15 3
Zero Suit Samus 18.5 2

Characters who have a backwards jump animation

In the Yeah Jam Fury series

Jumping is an essential gameplay element in both Yeah Jam Fury and Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! as it is required to overcome abysses and reach the mango. Each of the alter egos come with unique abilities that can also be reflected on their jumping capabilities.

Yeah jumping.

Yeah has the highest jumping height out of the three alter egos, and this may be convenient at the time of placing yellow blocks because his slow falling speed allows the player to better measure his landing.

Jam jumping.

Jam, on the other hand, has a lesser jumping height compared to Yeah but this is compensated with his higher ground speed and his blue mallet, whom he can use to propel in the direction the computer mouse is pointing, mixing these attributes allows Jam to perform long jumps that cover huge distances. Jam is also able to performs wall jumps.

Fury hopping.

Fury, distinctively, does not have any jumping capabilities due to his bulky size, though he still hops around whenever he moves on the ground. These hops can be used to move over small gaps.


  • Backwards jumping animations were introduced in v0.9b of the SSF2 Demo.
    • Some characters have been given backwards jumping animations, but not midair backwards jumping animations.
    • Mario is the only character who has a different backwards jumping animation from the Super Smash Bros. series. In the official games, Mario does a double backflip similar to Super Mario 64 apart from a single backflip in SSF2.