This article is about the attack in Super Smash Flash. For the general ability to attack in the air, see aerial attack.
SSF Samus jump attack

Samus using the Screw Attack as her jump attack.

A jump attack is an attack exclusive to Super Smash Flash that is performed by entering the jumping animation with a select few characters. This can be done simply by pressing the jump button, or by turning around in the air to enter the animation. Most of these jump attacks deal minimal damage and knockback which, combined with their lasting hitboxes and ease of use, makes them reliable tools to rack up damage quickly. Additionally, these attacks make for great edgeguarding tools at high percents due to how freely characters can move while using them, as well as their hitboxes that are often quite large. All jump attacks tend to end up once the characters reach their top jump height and enter their falling animations (which no longer have a hitbox). However, by turning around in midair, it is possible to re-enter a jump attack frame (restoring their hitbox) before touching the ground.

Many of these moves are based off their respective characters' abilities to attack in the games they come from; for example: Mario's and Luigi's jump attacks are seemingly based on their Super Jump Punch from the Super Smash Bros. series; Samus, on the other hand, uses the Screw Attack as she somersaults in the air; or several of the Sonic characters (including the fan-made ones) using the quintessential Spin Attack from their own series.

Due to the attack's complete lack of lineage in the official Super Smash Bros. series, it did not return in any way in the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2.

List of characters who can jump attack


  1. Meta Knight's jump attack does not do any damage but is able to briefly flinch opponents and can only be performed during his falling animation rather than his jumping animation.
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