Donkey Kong can be seen juggling with his up tilt in the beginning of this clip.

Juggling is a term used in Super Smash Flash 2 and in the original Super Smash Bros. series. Juggling is a type of combo that involves repeatedly hitting someone into the air without letting them recover or hit the ground. In the original Super Smash Flash, the high amount of knockback prevented the use of juggling. However, these were fixed in the current versions of Super Smash Flash 2, giving potential for using juggling. Juggling can be done by using characters up tilts and up aerials. This is effective in damaging opponents that have poor means of protecting themselves from below. 

A character's size, weight, falling speed, gravity, and hitstun all play a role in if the character is vulnerable to juggling or not. Generally, fast-falling characters are more vulnerable to juggling at medium percentages, while slow-falling characters are more vulnerable to juggling at low percentages.

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