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SSF2 Isaac - Judgment.png
Golden Sun symbol.svg
Judgment after being summoned by Isaac.
Universe Golden Sun
User(s) Isaac (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Cinematic
Effect Isaac summons the spirit Judgment, who fires down at trapped opponents.

Judgment, known in Japan as Apocalypse (アポカリプス), is Isaac's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Isaac first uses Ragnarok as he swings his sword downward and a massive orange sword lands in front of him at an angle. Opponents hit by this sword are dealt 12% damage and land helplessly in a plain, where Isaac summons the spirit known as Judgment, after which he teleports away. Judgment then appears and gathers energy with his lion-esque shield, which he fires directly towards the ground. This creates a massive explosion that the helpless opponents get caught up in, dealing 27% damage and very high knockback, which often is enough to one-hit KO. As the players return to the stage, the sword from Ragnarok disappears and Isaac puts his sword back in its sheath, ending the move.


Judgment being summoned by Felix in Golden Sun.

Judgment is a Summon from the Golden Sun series that first appeared in the series' debut game. Judgment is aligned with the Venus element and, during a battle, can be summoned by adepts of this element such as Isaac to attack enemies with a blast, the sequence of which is nearly identical in SSF2. It is one of the most powerful summons in the series, as it has a base Venus power of 240, does additional damage equivalent to 12% of the enemy’s maximum HP, and it will also raise the Venus Power of the summoner by 100.

Isaac using Ragnarok in Golden Sun.

Prior to summoning Judgment in his Final Smash, Isaac uses Ragnarok, a Venus-element Psynergy that also first appeared in the Golden Sun series' debut game. It consists of a large orange sword crashing into a single enemy before exploding into bright orbs of energy. It is one of the most powerful Psynergies in the series, dealing the base damage of a normal physical attack from the user with an additional 35 points of damage.

The Final Smash itself plays very similarly to a battle in Golden Sun, including the location opponents are trapped in and and text displaying Isaac's actions.



Isaac's special moves
Neutral special move Vine
Side special move Move
Up special move Scoop
Down special move Gaia
Final Smash Judgment