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Joshua Wattus
Full name Joshua Wattus
Alias Refurin
Gender Male
Rank Super Smash Flash 2 developer
Birth date February 20, 1997 (age 25)
Location Australia

Joshua Wattus, also known as Refurin, is a programmer and artist who is a Super Smash Flash 2 developer.


Joshua Wattus joined the McLeodGaming community through the McLeodGaming Forums in 2012. There, he frequently posted pixel artwork, often mimicking the sprite styles of Super Smash Flash 2, which caught the attention of the game's developers.[1]

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

Joshua Wattus joined the development team of SSF2 during the development of Beta, and he has contributed heavily in terms of changes. He initially joined as a programmer, with much of his initial work being the balancing and reworking of characters such as Tails and Black Mage. He has also helped design certain characters, most notably Krystal, who was developed near exclusively by him. Outside of characters, he has contributed significantly to programming game modes such as All-Star, and he also created the system for paletted costumes in Beta 1.2, which is considered one of the most technical achievements in the game's history.[2]

In addition to programming, Wattus is also a lead graphical effects artist, having created many of the Flash-based effects from Beta onward. Shortly after joining the team, Wattus would also become a sprite artist. He has created almost all of the sprites for Krystal, Lucario, and Krazoa Palace, and he has also updated certain sprites for characters such as Tails.


  • The graphical effect Wattus had used for his SSF2 developer application was an updated projectile for Tails' Energy Ball. It was later implemented in Beta and currently is still being used.
  • Playing on Nintendo 3DS in SSF2 with a player's name set to "Refurin" selects the yellow coloration of the stage, which is exclusive to this method. This is a reference to the developer's favorite color.


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