Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy's artwork in KINGDOM HEARTS III.
First appearance Pinocchio (1940)
MG appearance(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Species Cricket
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Voiced by (Japanese) Kaneta Kimotsuki
Company Walt Disney Pictures

Jiminy Cricket (ジミニー・クリケット) is a character from the 1940 Disney film, Pinocchio.

Character description

True to his name, Jiminy is an anthropomorphized cricket, though he bears virtually no resemblance to real-life crickets. He has olive skin, thin black eyebrows, four-fingered hands, and wears the famous white gloves many older Disney characters wear.

He dresses very formally, wearing a royal blue top hat with an orange band near the base, a red vest with a single, pink button on the front, a yellow ascot, a black blazer, and a high-collared white shirt. He also sports tan pants and yellow shoes with black tips. Jiminy also carries a red umbrella.

In Pinocchio, Jiminy serves as the main character's conscience. The Blue Fairy, who brought Pinocchio's puppet body to life, gave Jiminy the task of guiding him and helping him to determine right from wrong. However, Pinocchio's naivety, more than once, gets the better of him, leading to Jiminy losing his temper several times and scolding him. At one point, Jiminy prepares to abandon Pinocchio altogether, but rushes to the puppet's aid upon realizing he is in danger.

Eventually, their friendship prevails and Pinocchio, despite sacrificing his life to save his father from Monstro the Whale, is turned into a real boy. Jiminy, for his part, is awarded a golden badge as a sign of his amazing conscience capabilities.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Sora and Jiminy Cricket

Jimmy appears as a Sora's down taunt.

In Super Smash Flash 2, Jiminy made a small minor character for Sora's down taunt; he jumps out of Sora's pocket, then write his journal for +1 point and jumps back to Sora's pocket.

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