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James Hadden
James Hadden in 2020.
Full name James Hadden
Alias TheSilenceOfNoOne, TSON, [TSON], tson
Join date June 14, 2007
Gender Male
Rank Community manager, Fraymakers developer, Super Smash Flash 2 developer (formerly)
Main role Community Manager (formerly Character Development, Lead of Balance, Bug Tester)
Birth date April 14, 1996 (age 26)
Location Michigan, USA

James Hadden, nicknamed Jimmy Hadden and previously known by the alias TheSilenceOfNoOne (commonly abbreviated TSON, [TSON], or tson), is a former community manager for McLeodGaming and former developer for Super Smash Flash 2. He is also the founder of the McLeodGaming Wiki.


James Hadden joined the McLeodGaming community as TheSilenceOfNoOne on the original McLeodGaming Forums in 2007. His first post, at 11 years old, was a "wishlist" for the then-unreleased Super Smash Flash 2.

Since becoming a Super Smash Flash 2 developer, Hadden has been one of the most active and prominent public figures in the McLeodGaming community, formerly serving as an administrator in both the McLeodGaming Forums and Discord server, as well as creating the McLeodGaming Wiki in 2008. Hadden also assisted in the creation of the McLeodGaming website's redesign in 2016, working with the design and quality assurance.

Outside of McLeodGaming, Hadden spent a significant amount of time on the website Smashboards reverse-engineering Super Smash Bros. Brawl and creating mods, at one point being a moderator for the Brawl Workshop section of the website. He spent much of this time developing larger modpacks such as Brawl+ and Project M, and he also co-founded Brawl Minus.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

In February 2007, James Hadden made a suggestion to Gregory McLeod related to a private section of the McLeodGaming Forums where SSF2's development would be hidden from players. That section, "SSF2 Developer", was created on the following month and would serve as the primary platform for the game's development for several years. In April 2007, Hadden applied for the developer role with plans to create art of an item for the game. He was accepted, though the aforementioned item was never created.

Hadden would later become the leader of the department for quality assurance, which he requested to be created for the McLeodGaming Forums in 2009. He would also become one of the main programmers for the game's content, as well as for characters such as Ness. His most significant role was the head of public relations for the game, as he actively posted news and updates on the McLeodGaming website and ran McLeodGaming's social media accounts.

Hadden has also helped to design and program movesets for characters such as Pichu, Bomberman, Rayman, and Luffy. Most notably, Sandbag was developed near-exclusively by him up to Beta's release, with its animations being created by stretching and skewing a single sprite.

In 2020, James Hadden left the game's development team due to changing aspirations and the stress of working for the game. He remained an active community manager for several months afterward, and he still keeps a close relationship with the developers and community.

Work with Fraymakers

Although not a member of Team Fray, James Hadden has contributed to the development of Fraymakers prior to its unveiling. He served as a programmer for the game and its engine, and he was also a community manager until the end of the Kickstarter campaign.


  • James Hadden has notably coined the "Sanddrop", a technique in SSF2 with Sandbag's down special move, Sanddash, in which Sandbag moves slightly downwards in the air.[1]
  • Several of Hadden's moveset concepts in SSF2, such as Pichu's Discharge mechanic, originate from his experience developing Super Smash Bros. Brawl mods.
  • On March 23, 2018, James Hadden teased in a video with Bowler that SSF2 developers may develop an original platform-based fighting game and gauged interest from the video's audience.[2] At the time this video was filmed, Fraymakers was in the planning stages of development.


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