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Full name James Hadden
Alias TheSilenceOfNoOne, TSON, [TSON]
Join date June 14, 2007
Gender Male
Rank Former SSF2 Developer
Main role Character Development, Lead of Balance, Head of PR, Bug Tester
Birth date April 14, 1996 (age 24)
Location Michigan, USA

James Hadden, better known by his alias TheSilenceOfNoOne, commonly abbreviated TSON or [TSON], was a SSF2 developer and is the founder of the McLeodGaming Wiki.


The original forums

[TSON] joined as TheSilenceOfNoOne on the original McLeodGaming Forums. His first post, at 11 years old, was a 'wishlist' for Super Smash Flash 2, before the same had gotten released.

In November 2007, [TSON] made the "Event Compilation Topic", which helped the planning of potential Events. Soon afterwards, he created the "Point Breakdown", where SSF2 Developers could interact with fans.

As a developer

In February 2007, [TSON] made a suggestion to Gregory McLeod, related to a private section, where SSF2's development is hidden from the fanbase; that section, "SSF2 Developer", was created on the following month. In April 2007, TSON applied for the developer role, with plans to create an item. While he was accepted, the aforementioned item was never created.

On May 31 2008, TheSilenceOfNoOne created and posted the McLeodGaming Wiki on the forums. Due to his role as a Developer, he could not continue building the site, and other users started editing on the Wiki instead.

The New Forums

Sometime in 2009, he requested Cleod9 to start a section dedicated to balancing. Initially, it was strictly about game balance, although it has since evolved into "Quality Assurance", where players can improve their skill level. It is also used as a learning ground for potential new devs.


  • When TSON initially joined the McLeodGaming Forums, his age was set to seventeen years old.
  • Shortly after [TSON] became a developer, he was given the role of a moderator in the Super Smash Bros. section, at age twelve. That lasted for two months.
    • On January 8, 2010, he became, once again, a moderator of the SSF2 Discussion section, alongside Kiki and Hakker.

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