UME Meet Jam
Jam's official artwork from Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.
First appearance Yeah Jam Fury (2012)
MG appearance(s) Yeah Jam Fury
Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
Species Grin
Alignment Good
Created by Willy Abeel
Voiced by Willy Abeel
Company World Entertainment Studios

Jam, a.k.a. Mr. Navigate, is a character from Yeah Jam Fury and its follow-up, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!. He is the second member of the trio of playable alter egos, along with Yeah and Fury.

Character description

Jam is a Grin clad in blue accents, a color that reflects his energetic and impulsive personality. His most notable physical trait is the presence of eyes. Unlike his other fellow alter egos, Jam's beige turban resembles more a Phrygian cap rather than an actual turban, though he is still carries the characteristic flap and the two brown earmuffs from the sides. Not so different from the other djinns' style, Jam also wears a blue shirt, a beige jacket with a blue line, greyish blue pants and two caramel shoes. But perhaps Jam's most distinctive attribute is his blue mallet, which is used to smash the ground and propel into the air, allowing for huge leaps.

Role in the Yeah Jam Fury series

In both games, Jam cannot jump as high as Yeah, but he runs much faster. With his aforementioned mallet, Jam can make use of high and long jumps by smashing the ground. Jam's special ability is a "boost" that causes him to spin-jump through the air at a great speed. He can also temporarily grip onto walls and, exclusively in the follow-up, he can walk upwards a short distance before falling. Jam can use his mallet to send himself flying away from the walls, and onto the other, thereby allowing wall jumps. With far apart platforms, he is essential because his ability is the only way that can get the player to the other side. However, this also makes him the most uncontrollable and harder character to use in the game, as he may slip from the block platforms and fall down.


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