Xyless' profile.
Full name Jacob Tjolsen
Alias Xyless, Grandpa Xy
Join date May 26, 2012
Gender Male
Rank SSF2 Developer
Main role Sound Effects, Music, Balancing, Bug Testing
Birth date April 15, 1987 (age 31)
Location Chicago or Michigan, USA

Xyless is a SSF2 Developer. He is a part of multiple aspects of the project, such as music, balancing, and sound design, but his biggest contribution has been sound effect editing. Officially the oldest member of the team, Xyless has had quite a bit of experience with developing games, most of which have been either student games or Smash Mods like Brawl Minus.


The Return of TSONless

On his way to a pre-wedding karaoke night on May 26, 2012, Xyless sent a YouTube link to James Hadden via Skype showing off Japanese players playing Super Smash Flash 2. This led to a discussion between the two that got the two thinking: how amazing would it be for Xyless and James Hadden to work together again after over a year of being apart? James, excited about this idea, offered Xyless an application link, which Xyless quickly filled before reaching the karaoke bar.

The First (Drunk) Encounter

In the midst of his buzzed stupor at the above karaoke night, Xyless realized that he should probably make an introduction topic. Entertained by some of the cheesy introduction titles in the forum, Xyless decided to take the icing of cheesy titles with his All of the good subjects are taken topic. Within the topic, Xyless discussed such things as alcohol, singing Love Shack, and dancing sandwiches. The world-famous Max Silverman approved of the topic, calling it a "good topic".

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