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Jacob Tjolsen
Full name Jacob Tjolsen
Alias Xyless, JTjolsen, Grandpa Xy
Join date May 26, 2012
Gender Male
Rank Former Super Smash Flash 2 developer
Main role Sound effects, music, balancing, bug testing
Birth date April 15, 1987 (age 35)
Location Illinois, USA

Jacob Tjolsen, also known as Xyless, was formerly a lead Super Smash Flash 2 developer. He was a part of multiple aspects of the project, such as sound design, music, and balancing.


Prior to working with Super Smash Flash 2, Jacob Tjolsen developed for several other projects, most notably the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Brawl Minus. From February 2010 to November 2011, he served as a quality assurance lead, in which he would accommodate feedback from players to be used for future updates. Additionally, he made heavy balance and design changes to multiple characters, and he also created many art assets.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

On May 26, 2012, Jacob Tjolsen joined the development team for Super Smash Flash 2 after being sent an application link during a conversation with TSON, whom he had previously worked with on Brawl Minus. His work began with v0.9 of the demo.

Tjolsen's main role was as the lead sound designer, in which he mixed and ripped many of the sound effects and voices in the game, and he also composed much of the game's music alongside Ema Alvarado and Andrew Fisher. In addition, he contributed heavily to the design and balancing of the game's characters and mechanics. He made major changes to the entire roster for consistency, with certain characters such as Lloyd being almost completely redesigned.[1]

In 2015, Tjolsen resigned from the development team in order to support himself with a stable job.[2] However, he still closely follows the game and its developers.


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