Jacob Can't Make Ladders
Jacob Can't Make Ladders
Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Style
Level number 36
Jacob Can't Make Ladders

Jacob Can't Make Ladders is the thirty-sixth level of Yeah Jam Fury. To access it, the player must clear every level from Find Your Footing to n.


This level mainly takes place in the space between two walls of Lead Blocks, which are shaped like a ladder using Yellow Blocks and other Lead Blocks as rungs. The player starts at the bottom of the level, and they must reach the top of to obtain the mango there. The player first must use Jam to jump up the first set of walls and then destroy the Yellow Blocks in the way using Fury. The space that follows is wider than before, and the player must break the next three sets of Yellow Blocks to open a path with Fury while continuing upwards. The player then must travel through two "rungs" of Lead Blocks with enough space to pass upwards through them, leading to an opening on top with the mango floating just over it.



  • This level was remade to be the sixth level of the game's follow-up, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!, where it is called Jacob. The remade level is very similar in design to the original.
  • The name of this level may be based on Jacob's Ladder, a ladder described in the Old Testament as one from a dream of Jacob connecting the earth and heaven.
    • It may also be based on the Jacob's ladder toy, a ladder-like folk toy consisting of patterned blocks.
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