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This article is about InuYasha's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see InuYasha.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF InuYasha.png
Universe InuYasha
Stock icon SSF InuYasha stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Clear Adventure with any character without losing any lives.
Tier A (8)

InuYasha, romanized in-game as Inuyasha, is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash as the only character representation of the InuYasha universe. He wields a sword named the Tessaiga (鉄砕牙) that he uses along with his Sankon Tessō (散魂鉄爪). InuYasha's sprite set is ripped straight from the Japan-only WonderSwan Color video game: InuYasha: Fūun Emaki (犬夜叉 風雲絵巻).

InuYasha is ranked at 8th on the tier list. InuYasha's sword gives him disjoints and he himself is fast with very quick damage-racking abilities. This allows InuYasha to overwhelm opponents extremely easily, which when coupled with his high power, leads to an extremely devastating character on the ground, and forces the opponent to rely on projectiles and instant-KO attacks.

InuYasha is not without flaws, and his most glaring flaw is how he struggles against projectile characters. Also, InuYasha struggles to deal with opponents who can out-range him or hit him from afar, leaving bad matchups with the "Top 3" characters, and leading his effectiveness to be hampered by characters who benefit the most from recent discoveries. Regardless, InuYasha holds a lot of power, which ranks him in the high tier.


Attack Description Damage Image
Standard attack InuYasha delivers a straight slash with Tessaiga as he skids forward. It notably has an attack time-out that prolongs the hitbox of Tessaiga as it remains extended in front of InuYasha for half a second on the last animation frame. 7% SSF InuYasha standard attack.png
Side attack This attack can be seen as an advanced version of his standard attack. InuYasha performs a fast two-hit combo with Tessaiga. The first slash is basically the same as his standard attack, except it does not possess the time-out of the latter, and the second is a vertical swinging slash from top to bottom. 6% SSF InuYasha side attack.png
Up attack InuYasha uses Sankon Tessō and scratches upwards with the extended range of his claws as he skids forward. There is a small delay before InuYasha actually scratches but this is minimal as this frame is also able to deal damage. 6% SSF InuYasha up attack.png
Down attack Identical to his up attack, InuYasha uses Sankon Tessō and scratches forwards with the extended range of his claws as he skids forward. Oddly, if the attack gets continued by holding down the button, from the third time it repeats onwards, there will be a small delay which briefly returns InuYasha to his idle animation before he can resume the attack. 7% SSF InuYasha down attack.png
Down aerial Identical to his up attack, InuYasha uses Sankon Tessō and scratches downwards with the extended range of his claws as he propels himself forward. 6% SSF InuYasha down aerial.png


  • InuYasha is one of two characters to have a custom voice actor, the other being Naruto (coincidentally, both are manga-originated characters). His voice samples were provided specifically for the game by Eric Moose Desrosiers.