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SSF2 Kirby - Inhale.png
Kirby symbol.svg
Kirby using Inhale.
Universe Kirby
User(s) Kirby (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Kirby inhales opponents into his mouth, allowing him either to spit them out or take their neutral special move for himself.

Inhale (すいこみ) is Kirby's neutral special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Kirby opens his mouth and inhales, sucking nearby opponents into his mouth. While an opponent is in Kirby's mouth, Kirby can walk around and jump with them for a short period of time before they escape automatically. Kirby can also spit them out as a star with the attack input, dealing 10% damage to the opponent. Most notably, he can swallow them with the down input or special input, dealing 6% damage to the opponent. By swallowing an opponent, he absorbs their neutral special move as a "Copy Ability" and can use it himself as his neutral special move instead. For each ability he has, he will gain a different hat allusive to the opponent he absorbed; obtaining Mario's cap, Mega Man's helmet, Lloyd's hair, etc. (see below for a complete compilation of revealed Kirby Hats). Once an opponent's neutral special move is acquired, the player can use a taunt to discard it and revert to Inhale. It will also be discarded if Kirby is KO'ed or damaged enough.

Inhale forms

Image Character power acquired Description
SSF2 Bandana Hat Kirby.png Bandana Dee Kirby will be able to use Beam Whip and Wave Beam and will have Bandana Dee's bandana.
SSF2 BM Hat Kirby.png Black Mage Kirby will be able to use Stop and will have Black Mage's hat. His eyes will be yellow and part of his face will be black when he uses Stop.
SSF2 Bomberman Hat Kirby.png Bomberman Kirby will be able to use Bomb and will have Bomberman's antenna. However, since Bomb Detonate is needed to make the bombs explode, Kirby's bombs explode on contact.
SSF2 Bowser Hat Kirby.png Bowser Kirby will be able to use Fire Breath and will have Bowser's hair and horns.
Kirby Hat - Cpt. Falcon.png Captain Falcon Kirby will be able to use Falcon Punch and will have Captain Falcon's helmet.
SSF2 Chibi-Robo Hat Kirby.png Chibi-Robo Kirby will be able to use Chibi-Blaster and will have a helmet of Chibi-Robo's head.
SSF2 DK Hat Kirby.png Donkey Kong Kirby will be able to use Giant Punch and will have Donkey Kong's hair spike.
SSF2 Falco Hat Kirby.png Falco Kirby will be able to use Blaster and will have Falco's crest and beak.
SSF2 Fox Hat Kirby.png Fox Kirby will be able to use Blaster and will have Fox's ears.
SSF2 Ganondorf Kirby Hat.png Ganondorf Kirby will be able to use Warlock Punch and will have Ganondorf's hair and crown.
SSF2 Goku Hat Kirby.png Goku Kirby will be able to use Kamehameha and will have Goku's hair.
SSF2 Ichigo Hat Kirby.png Ichigo Kirby will be able to use Getsuga Tenshō with a smaller version of Zangetsu and will have Ichigo's hair.
SSF2 Isaac Hat Kirby.png Isaac Kirby will be able to use Vine and will have Isaac's hair.
SSF2 Jigglypuff Hat Kirby.png Jigglypuff Kirby will be able to use Rollout and will have Jigglypuff's ears and a curled tuft of hair on his head.
SSF2 Kirby Hat Kirby.png Kirby Kirby will not be able to copy an ability from another Kirby, unless that Kirby already has an ability from other characters.
SSF2 Krystal Hat Kirby.PNG Krystal Kirby will be able to use Sniper Rifle and will have Krystal's hair and ears.
SSF2 Link Hat Kirby.png Link Kirby will be able to use Hero's Bow and will have Link's hat.
SSF2 Lloyd Hat Kirby.png Lloyd Kirby will be able to use Demon Fang with the Flamberge and will have Lloyd's hair.
SSF2 Lucario Hat Kirby.PNG Lucario Kirby will be able to use Aura Sphere and will have a Lucario hat with the ears. Additionally, Kirby will be affected by Aura.
SSF2 Luffy Hat Kirby.png Luffy Kirby will be able to use Gum-Gum Pistol and will have Luffy's straw hat.
SSF2 Luigi Hat Kirby.png Luigi Kirby will be able to use Fireball and will have Luigi's cap.
SSF2 Mario Hat Kirby.png Mario Kirby will be able to use Fireball and will have Mario's cap.
SSF2 Marth Hat Kirby.png Marth Kirby will be able to use Shield Breaker with a shorter version of the Falchion and will have Marth's hair.
SSF2 Mega Man Hat Kirby.png Mega Man Kirby will be able to use Mega Buster and will have Mega Man's helmet.
SSF2 MK Hat Kirby.png Meta Knight Kirby will be able to use Mach Tornado and will have Meta Knight's mask. However, unlike Meta Knight's mask, which has yellow eyes due to Meta Knight having white eyes, Kirby's mask has green eyes due to Kirby having blue eyes.
SSF2 GaW Hat Kirby.png Mr. Game & Watch Kirby will be able to use Chef and will have the Chef hat from the Game & Watch game, Chef.
SSF2 Naruto Hat Kirby.png Naruto Kirby will be able to use Rasengan and Fūton: Rasenshuriken (when fully charged) and will have Naruto's hair and headband.
SSF2 Ness Hat Kirby.png Ness Kirby will be able to use PK Flash and will have Ness's cap.
SSF2 Pacman Hat Kirby.png PAC-MAN Kirby will be able to use Bonus Fruit and will have PAC-MAN's eyebrows and a pink recolor of his nose.
SSF2 Peach Hat Kirby.png Peach Kirby will be able to use Toad and will have Peach's crown.
SSF2 Pichu Hat Kirby.png Pichu Kirby will be able to use Electro Ball and will have a Pichu hat with the ears and tail.
SSF2 Pikachu Hat Kirby.png Pikachu Kirby will be able to use Thunder Jolt and will have a Pikachu hat with the ears and tail.
SSF2 Pit Hat Kirby.png Pit Kirby will be able to use Palutena's Bow and will have Pit's laurel crown and smaller versions of his wings.
SSF2 Rayman Hat Kirby.PNG Rayman Kirby will be able to use LockJaw and will have Rayman’s hair.
SSF2 Ryu Kirby Hat.PNG Ryu Kirby will be able to use Hadoken (all three forms) and will have Ryu's hair and headband.
SSF2 Samus Hat Kirby.png Samus Kirby will be able to use Charge Shot and will wear Samus's space helmet.
SSF2 Sandbag Hat Kirby.png Sandbag Kirby will be able to use Capsule Spawn and will have a hat modeled after the top of Sandbag.
SSF2 Sheik Hat Kirby.png Sheik Kirby will be able to use Needle Storm and will have Sheik's hair and bandages.
Simon hat.jpeg Simon Kirby will be able to use Axe and will have Simon's headband and hair from the North American and European box art for Super Castlevania IV.
SSF2 Sonic Hat Kirby.png Sonic Kirby will be able to use Homing Attack and will have Sonic's ears and quills. The poses he makes after landing Homing Attack are uniquely based on poses made in the Kirby series.
SSF2 Sora Hat Kirby.png Sora Kirby will be able to use Strike Raid with the Keyblade and he will have Sora's hair.
SSF2 Tails Hat Kirby.png Tails Kirby will be able to use Energy Ball and will have a Tails hat with the ears and two tails.
SSF2 Waluigi Kirby Hat.PNG Waluigi Kirby will be able to use Waluigi Dice and will have Waluigi's cap.
SSF2 Wario Hat Kirby.png Wario Kirby will be able to use Chomp and will have Wario's cap.
SSF2 Yoshi Hat Kirby.png Yoshi Kirby will be able to use Egg Lay and will have a Yoshi hat showing the eyes and head.
SSF2 Zelda Hat Kirby.png Zelda Kirby will be able to use Nayru's Love and will have young Zelda's headdress from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
SSF2 ZS Samus Hat Kirby.png Zero Suit Samus Kirby will be able to use Paralyzer and will have Zero Suit Samus's ponytail.


Artwork of Kirby inhaling in the instruction manual of Kirby's Dream Land.

Inhaling and spitting has been Kirby's trademark attack since Kirby's Dream Land, but it was not until Kirby's Adventure that he was able to swallow an enemy to copy their attack. Kirby Super Star introduced unique hats indicating different Copy Abilities. A single attack from an enemy or damage incurred from the environment was usually enough to make Kirby lose his Copy Ability, though later Kirby games feature entire health bars instead of health points, so it is possible for him to occasionally keep his Copy Ability even after being damaged. After Kirby loses it, it takes the form of a star bouncing around the screen. Kirby can inhale and swallow it to regain the ability before it disappears after it contacts a hazardous surface or enough time passes.



Early designs


Kirby failing to use Inhale against Wario-Man.

  • Kirby does not have this ability in the original Super Smash Flash due to Cleod9's inability at the time to properly code Copy Abilities. In compensation, he instead gave Kirby the ability to tag out with Meta Knight at any time.
  • This special move has given the developers a lot of work due to needing to sprite each hat to represent what power Kirby possesses. To go along with this, if something were to change to a character's neutral special move then the corresponding Copy Ability would have to change as well.
    • Also, when Kirby has a Copy Ability and performs certain complex animations (especially ones that cause Kirby to spin, like his up smash and his aerial side special), his hat will temporarily disappear and an Ability Star will hover around him until that animation is finished.
  • When copying Donkey Kong, Samus, or Mr. Game & Watch, Kirby's appearance differs from that of official Super Smash Bros. games due to the limitations of the engine not being able to accurately represent the originals, which covered his entire body.
  • When copying the Fighting Silhouette Team, Kirby will still gain the ability of the character the silhouette is mimicking despite the silhouettes not being able to use the special move copied themselves. This is unique among the Enemy Teams, whereas with those in the official Super Smash Bros. games, attempting to copy them would simply fail.
  • Prior to v0.3a of the demo, Kirby did not have a hat after he inhaled an opponent, plus he did not inhale the opponents at all; instead, he would inhale a small star from them.
  • Kirby is unable to use Inhale against characters during Transformation Final Smashes due to being immune to grabbing. However, prior to v0.5a, Kirby was able to suck them in and gain unique Copy Abilities from them. This was changed in order to prevent cheapness.
Kirby's special moves
Neutral special move Inhale
Side special move Hammer
Up special move Final Cutter
Down special move Stone
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