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Mario, Luigi, Naruto, and Ichigo idling.
Sonic and Tails' idle pose, on Waiting Room.
Four characters idling (left) and Sonic's and Tails' idle poses (right) in Super Smash Flash 2.

Idle, also referred to as stand, stance, or idle animation, is the state of staying still during a match in the Super Smash Bros. series and in the Super Smash Flash series. If the player presses the attack button during this animation, they will perform a standard attack.

Some characters perform cancellable minor animations if they idle for enough time. This time is, most times, randomized. These minor animations are called idle poses and are rare in both Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2. Below is a list of characters with randomized idle poses.

List of characters with idle poses

In Super Smash Flash

Character Idle pose
Link Looks toward the screen.
Pikachu Scratches his ear.
Sheik Looks toward the screen.
Zelda Looks toward the screen.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Character Idle pose
Black Mage Scratches his nose.
Bomberman Kicks the ground twice while blinking.
Captain Falcon Makes a fighting stance.
Chibi-Robo Sits down and looks to his left or right depending on which way he is facing.
Ganondorf Crosses his arms and looks at the screen.
Ichigo Puts Zangetsu on his shoulder.
Isaac Adjusts his glove.
Kirby Briefly falls asleep and shakes himself awake.
Link Assumes a battle stance.
Lucario Moves its arms in a circular motion before assuming to its normal stance again.
Luffy Puts his feet together and holds the top of his hat.
Luigi Pulls on his nose, which stretches slightly and then snaps back into place.
Mario Adjusts his cap.
Mega Man Looks around.
Mr. Game & Watch Hops in place.
Briefly looks behind himself.
Naruto Adjusts and tightens his bandana.
Ness Looks around curiously.
PAC-MAN Scratches his head.
Pichu Moves its ears while standing up. While in its Discharge state, it instead lifts its ears up and weakly produces electricity.
Pikachu Stands on its toes and looks around.
Scratches its ear.
Rayman Enters a fighting stance and moves his arms in a circular motion.
Ryu Tightens his black belt.
Simon Looks to his left or right, depending on which way he is facing.
Sonic Puts his hands on his hips and taps his foot anxiously. This pose is similar to his idle animation in the original Sonic games.
Tails Looks at the screen and yawns. This pose is similar to his idle animation in the original Sonic games.
Wario Crosses his arms twice with his fists clenched.
Zelda Leans her head downwards and puts her hands together, with her eyes closed. Very similar to her down taunt.


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