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Hypest 19
Date July 11th, 2015
Attendance 15
Winner(s) WRXJoey
Staff Electric91, Gdom

Hypest 19 is the eighteenth tournament in the Hypest Tournament series. The tournament was operated on July 11, 2015 by Electric91. WRXJoey sweeped through the tournament without dropping a single set until Grand Finals where he lost the first set to ZERO_OR, 3-1. The last set of Grand Finals was a close 3-2 where WRXJoey was able to win the tournament.


15 players entered the tournament.

1stUSAUnknownWRXJoeySSF2 Bomberman headSSF2 Sheik head
2ndUSA N/AZERO_ORSSF2 Donkey Kong headSSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Marth headSSF2 Fox headSSF2 Naruto headSSF2 Lloyd head
3rdUnknown N/AmxzxzSSF2 Meta Knight head
4thUSA N/Asamanthanigga*Unknown
5thUSA N/AChaunch*SSF2 Yoshi headSSF2 Jigglypuff head
5thUnknown N/ASilverEvilSSF2 Zelda head
7thUnknownUnknownDelDreamerSSF2 Captain Falcon head
7thUnknownUnknownMirwaissSSF2 Goku headSSF2 Sheik headSSF2 Marth head
9thUSAUnknownStylesSSF2 Marth head
9thUSAUnknownSpidrSSF2 Ichigo head
9thUnknownUnknownPinchAltSSF2 Marth headSSF2 Donkey Kong headSSF2 Ichigo head
13thCANUnknownChaos0*SSF2 Lloyd head
13thUnknownUnknownTyranitarLordSSF2 Marth head
  • Players who were DQ'ed or dropped out of the tournament.
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