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Holy Water
SSF2 Simon - Holy Water.png
Castlevania symbol.svg
Simon standing next to a flame pillar created by Holy Water.
Universe Castlevania
User(s) Simon (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Simon tosses a bottle of holy water that creates a blue flame pillar after landing.

Holy Water (聖水) is Simon's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Simon takes a bottle of holy water out and tosses it diagonally downward or, when used in midair, directly downward. After landing on a platform, the bottle breaks and releases a pillar of blue sacred flames that slowly travels forward for a short time before disappearing. Opponents hit by the bottle or flames are dealt 4% flame damage and weak knockback, and the flame can hit multiple times. After throwing a bottle, Simon cannot throw another until the previous bottle and flames have already disappeared.


Simon using Holy Water in Castlevania Chronicles.

The Holy Water, once localized as the Fire Bomb and Sacred Water, is a sub-weapon that appears in many games throughout the Castlevania series, starting with its debut title. It is based on holy water used in Christianity, which is blessed water purified at a church. In each game it appears in, it is a throwable weapon that bursts and spreads a sacred flame pillar when landing near evil power. In many games, the sacred flame is stationary, but starting with Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, many other games create a sacred flame that travels forward. As with other sub-weapons, the use of Holy Water requires hearts, which act as ammunition. Both the Holy Water itself and the hearts required to use them are often found by breaking candles located across the stage.

The Holy Water used in SSF2 is most similar in appearance to the Holy Water Simon uses in Castlevania Chronicles, which creates a single blue flame pillar. Unlike in SSF2, however, the sacred flame in this game is stationary.



Simon's special moves
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Side special move Cross
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Down special move Holy Water
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