His First Movie
His First Movie title screen.
Directed by Gregory McLeod
Produced by Gregory McLeod
Written by Gregory McLeod
Production company Cleod9 Productions
Distributed by McLeodGaming
Animation Flash animation
Rating PG
Language English

His First Movie, also stylized as His FIRST Movie!, is, as the name implies, the first cartoon distributed by McLeodGaming and the first flash movie Gregory McLeod (Cleod9) had made.


The story takes place inside a shop called "Mike's Pawn Shop"—as read on a sign hanging on the wall—owned by a red, devilish, smiley face with a tail named Mike. The sign soon falls thereafter. The scene keeps scrolling and shows the goods from the shelves. There is a Pokémon trading card for $9.99, a TV remote (with an irregular in shape) for $2.49, a sad smiley face for $24.99, and an opened bag of chips for $6.99.

The scene then shows a customer (an apricot smiley) standing next to Mike. Mike asks him what would he like to buy, but the costumer, feeling a bit uneasy—either by Mike's appearance or the poor quality of the products—rather, decides to leave the shop without buying anything. The short ends with an annoyed Mike exclaiming: "What? It's the Pokemon card isn't it... Darn It".



  • His First Movie is the shortest movie available in McLeodGaming.
  • His First Movie is the only cartoon that used speech bubbles instead of subtitles.

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