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This article is about the state in Super Smash Flash 2. For the twenty-third level in Yeah Jam Fury, see Free falling.

Mario's helpless animation.

Helpless, also referred to as free fall, refers to the state in Super Smash Flash 2 of which no movement can be made by the player except for horizontal input. It often results from using a recovery move, whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. A character in a helpless state cannot move very far, use any moves, recover, or attack, so it leaves a player vulnerable for attacking. Note that most moves that send their user into helpless state involve the character ending the move in midair.

Characters were not able to enter a helpless state in the original Super Smash Flash, due to the game's severely limited mechanics.

List of moves that leave players helpless

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Character Move D Notes
Bandana Dee Waddle Copter No Will become helpless while descending if the player cancels the move by pressing the down input.
Black Mage Warp No N/A
Bomberman Jetpack No N/A
Bowser Whirling Fortress Yes Grounded version cannot grant Bowser helplessness, unless Bowser uses it on a platform high from the stage like Yoshi's Story towards the blast zone, it will cause to fall into his normal animation.
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost Yes Will become helpless if he does not hit an opponent and the move ends in midair.
Falcon Dive
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Copter No N/A
Donkey Kong Spinning Kong No N/A
Falco Falco Phantasm No N/A
Fire Bird Yes
Fox Fox Illusion No N/A
Fire Fox Yes
Ganondorf Flame Choke Yes Will become helpless if he does come into contact with an opponent and the move ends in midair.
Gerudo Hawk
Goku Instant Transmission No Will become helpless if the move ends in midair without him hitting an opponent. The same applies for Kaiō-ken Goku.
Ichigo Engetsuzan No N/A
Kōtei-ki Tōshin
Isaac Scoop Yes N/A
Kirby Inhale No Can copy Mach Tornado, which retains its original helpless properties.
Final Cutter If the player lands on a platform, sometimes the momentum will make Kirby fall from it in a normal helpless state (same animation as normal falling).
Krystal Staff Rocket Boost No N/A
Link Spin Attack Yes N/A
Lloyd Tempest No N/A
Tiger Blade
Lucario Extreme Speed Yes N/A
Luigi Super Jump Punch Yes N/A
Mario Super Jump Punch Yes N/A
Marth Dolphin Slash No N/A
Meta Knight Mach Tornado No N/A
Drill Rush
Shuttle Loop
Dimensional Cape
Naruto Shadow Clone Slash No N/A
Ness PK Thunder Yes Will enter helpless state if he uses the move to recover; PK Thunder 2.
PAC-MAN Pac-Jump Yes If PAC-MAN or an opponent tries to bounce on the trampoline while it is red, they will then fall through it and become helpless.
Pichu Agility Yes N/A
Pikachu Quick Attack Yes N/A
Pit Power of Flight No N/A
Rayman Helicopter No Becomes helpless if the player decides to fast-fall during the move.
Ryu Shoryuken Yes N/A
Samus Screw Attack Yes N/A
Sandbag Bob-omb Toss No Will become helpless if Sandbag tries to use the move while holding a non-Bob-omb item or while invincible.
Sheik Vanish No N/A
Simon Ring Grapple No Simon will not enter helplessness on the first use, but if he attempts to use the move a second time (without the ring hitting a wall), he will then be helpless.
Sonic Light Dash Yes N/A
Sora Flowmotion No If the move ends while he is in midair and he does not make contact with an opponent, then Sora becomes helpless.
Waluigi Whirluigi Yes N/A
Wario Corkscrew Yes N/A
Zelda Farore's Wind No N/A