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Hard data is the type of information related to a character's physics, such as their running speed, falling speed and frame data. It may define a character's archetype, playstyle and character matchups. Each playable character's page possesses a section with a table containing their hard data statistics.

In Super Smash Flash

The hard data table for Super Smash Flash characters possesses twenty one information fields. Below is an explanation as to what each field refers to.

Base info

Field name Description
Hitstun taken The amount of hitstun a character receives, in frames; characters with a higher hitstun taken value will stay in their flinch animation for longer when attacked. It does not scale with the character's damage. The value is called "recoveryrate" in the game's code.
Number of jumps The number of times a character can jump before having to return to the ground in order to jump again.
Attack boost If a character possesses this stat, upon performing an attack, this value will be set as the character's horizontal speed if their previous speed was 'closer to zero' than this value. Essentially, characters with an attack boost value of zero will not automatically move forwards or backwards when a move is inputted.
Attack length The maximum amount of time an attack can last, including the active frames, as well as startup and ending lags. Having an attack cooldown lower than this value allows glitch attacks to be performed.
Attack cooldown The amount of time, in frames, that it takes after doing an attack before one can attack again. It starts counting down on the attack's first frame. Coded as "attackspace".
Health division The character's "weight". All knockback the character takes is divided by this value.


Field name Description
Horizontal speed The character's maximum horizontal movement speed while said character is not in hitstun, in units per frame. It is referred to as "maxmove" in-game.
Deceleration When a direction is not pressed, the character will slow down by this value in units per frame, until they stop moving. Referred to as "speeddown" in-game.
Attack start speed Upon attacking, the player's current speed is multiplied by this value.
Acceleration While running, a character will accelerate by this value each frame, until their current speed reaches the "maxmove" value. Coded under the name of "speedup".
Turn around speed By properly timing a pivot, this value will be subtracted from the character's current speed when they turn around. This value is only used by player 1; other players will use "8" instead. The stat is called "turnaround" in-game.
Short hopping speed The speed applied to the character upon executing a short hop. It does not have its own stat in-game, and always equals to jumpspeed subtracted by five.
Jumping speed The speed applied to the character when the player presses the jump button. Coded as a negative value under the name of "maxjump" in-game.

Individual attack data

Field name Description
Standard attack damage The damage per frame dealt by the character's standard attack. Referred to as "normal" in the game's code.
Side attack damage The damage per frame dealt by the character's side attack. Referred to as "smash" in the game's code.
Down attack damage The damage per frame dealt by the character's down attack. Referred to as "revdamage" in the game's code.
Instant-KO value The damage per frame dealt by the character's up attack and down aerial. Any move that deals damage equal to this value can instantly-KO opponents. The value is called "air" in-game.
Roll attack speed If a character possesses this stat, their speed during their down attack will be set to this value. Down attacks with this characteristic are called "roll attacks", and function differently from normal down attacks. The value is called "revspeed" in-game, and characters without roll attacks are coded to have 0 revspeed.
Jump attack damage The damage per frame dealt by the character's jump attack. The jump attack damage on characters who lack the move is coded as 0, and the statistic is referred to as "jumpdamage" in-game.

In Super Smash Flash 2

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