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Hand Slap
SSF2 Donkey Kong - Hand Slap.png
Donkey Kong symbol.svg
Donkey Kong using Hand Slap.
Universe Donkey Kong
User(s) Donkey Kong (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Donkey Kong slams his hands onto the ground to knock grounded opponents near him into the air.

Hand Slap (ハンドスラップ), previously referred to as Ground Slam, is Donkey Kong's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Donkey Kong slams his hand down onto the ground, creating a small shock wave. While Donkey Kong has no hitbox, the move will damage the grounded characters that are within the radius of the shockwave when he uses it, dealing 11% damage with moderate downward knockback, consequently sending them into the air when they rocket towards the floor. By continually pressing the special input, the player can have Donkey Kong continue to slap the ground with both hands, one after another, for as long as it is pressed. The move cannot be used in the air and opponents in the air cannot be hit by the move, when in the shock wave's radius.


Donkey Kong using Hand Slap to uncover bananas in Donkey Kong Country.

The Hand Slap originated in Donkey Kong Country, where Donkey Kong can use it to defeat enemies and to uncover items hidden into the ground. In the source games, however, Donkey Kong hits the ground once with each hand each time. He also slightly hops and successively slaps both hands onto the ground when using it here, whereas in SSF2, he instead alternates slapping the ground with each hand without hopping.




  • Hand Slap, along with Vegetable, is the only special move in Super Smash Flash 2 which cannot be used midair.
    • Prior to Beta 1.0, Hand Slap did have a midair animation, which reused Donkey Kong's fall sprite. Players could also turn around when using it, exactly like other down special moves.
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