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Gender Male
Main(s) Fox
Secondary(ies) Various
Skill Professional
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Hanaj is a professional Super Smash Flash 2 player from Cambridge, Massachusetts USA who has joined the competitive scene near the beginning of 2016. As of late, he is regarded as one of the top Super Smash Flash 2 players, and has a wide range of playable characters. His most notable main however, Fox, has been taking top spots in tournaments and Platinum level on Smash Ladder. Much like Gax, another Fox main, he has been speculated to be one of the most technical players in terms of skill level and character knowledge. Hanaj made Top 8 at Flash Royale #2.4, SSF2 Spartans, Smash Island S3 III, Epilogue SSF2 T8, Epilogue, Big Finish 2, and Flash Royale #2.5. Currently ranked 5th on the RCR.

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