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Mario's standard attack.
Mario's up tilt.
Mario's down tilt.
Mario's dash attack.
Mario's forward smash.
Some of Mario's ground attacks.

A ground attack is a normal attack in Super Smash Flash 2 made while the character is standing on the ground, as opposed to aerial attacks, which are performed while the character is airborne.

There are thirteen ground attacks, achieved by pressing the attack button in any four directions or no direction at all while on the ground. Some attacks, in order to be performed, depend on how closely together the attack and the directional inputs are pressed.

  • Standard and tilt attacks tend to be quick and weak, often starting combos or strings. More rarely, they can serve as get-off-me tools. Sandbag's standard attack is known for being one of the only jabs that can KO reliably.
  • Smash attacks are most of the time exceptionally strong, and one of the character's finisher options. They tend to have a higher amount of lag when compared to the other ground attacks, however.
  • Dash attacks are executable out of a dash or a run and have an extremely low amount of startup lag, allowing those attacks to quickly hit opponents and start combos easily. They frequently have a fairly high amount of ending lag, however, making them easily punishable should a player whiff their dash attack.